20 Pics That Give Us an Instant Boost of Happiness

2 years ago

In a day and age where all we know is touch-and-go, it’s good to take a moment to appreciate life for how extraordinary it can be. It’s true that a loving elderly cat hugging its new owner isn’t something you see every day, but that’s the beauty of photography and social media. Combined, they let us live and relive everyday moments that never fail to make us smile.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you your daily dose of endearing content. Just sit back and enjoy!

1. “One of my friends’ donkeys enjoying the sun”

2. Sometimes, you just need to rest your head on somebody’s shoe.

3. “The little cutie who keeps warm with me”

4. “He’s just sitting there... MENACINGLY!”

5. “We got roast pork. My cat was excited.”

6. “A small lamb born on my homestead this morning”

7. “I grew up in a toxic environment. Now seeing my boys cuddle together on the couch is one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

8. “A friend of mine sent me this photo of her trying to read.”

9. “I think my son likes the new neighbor.”

10. “Met a scary guard dog on my walk today.”

11. An alpac-aww!

12. “Adopted an older kitty who had been returned to the shelter a few times. I think we’ve bonded.”

13. “My dad sent me this pic today. I think he’s enjoying retirement.”

14. “A happy pig cuddling with mom after eating some pumpkin”

15. “I don’t know who’s happier that Henry is coming home after a few days in the hospital — Henry or Henry’s mom. Might be a tie!”

16. “My little floofer got an A+ on his report card at the groomer today.”

17. “She comes to say hello each day.”

18. “My brother’s dog — I swear he looks like a cartoon dog sometimes.”

19. “Weddings are my absolute favorite but the sparklers sent me over the edge. Pure bliss at my friend’s wedding last night.”

20. “My dad meeting his first granddogger”

Do you have any pictures of your pets that can make you smile all day? If you do, please show them to us; we never get tired of smiling at adorableness!

Preview photo credit corey333 / Reddit


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