20 Pictures You May Have to Look at Twice to Get What’s Going On

2 years ago

Sometimes, we come across things so seemingly inexplicable that more than a double take is needed to figure them out. That’s the case with looking out the window and seeing a giant bookshelf outside. Fortunately, we can train our minds to be better at solving puzzles by practicing. And let us tell you, the Internet is full of mysteries that need to be cracked.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected a few confusing pics that require a bit of focus to be understood. Get ready for a challenge!

1. “I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly.”

2. “The shape of the building matches my daughter’s balloon.”

3. “House built at a sharp angle looks like a movie set.”

4. “A desk lamp pointed at the wall”

5. “Alternate realities”

6. “The way this water froze to the fence”

7. “This egg my chicken laid looks like a Kinder Surprise egg.”

8. “The shadow on the stairs looks like another set of stairs.”

9. “A giant bookshelf”

10. “The shadow of my toothbrush looks like Darth Vader.”

11. “Lenticular clouds over the Organ Mountains in New Mexico!”

12. “This orthodontist chair that looks like a seated Lego man”

13. “Surprised by a perfect water dome in my sink!”

14. “Bleach ate a hole through my shirt but left the thread.”

15. “Every day, the sun takes another inch of ice away from this roof in a fine line.”

16. “Just my dad and his dog”

17. “It only rained on one side of my street today.”

18. “The contrast of this metro station in Istanbul”

19. “Got a weird angle of my room that makes it look like 2 separate photos.”

20. “My dog looks like an A.I.-generated mess.”

If you had to keep one of these pictures, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit NOCHNOY_ / Reddit


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