15 Women Who Got Rid of Their Razors and Became Best Friends With Their Body Hair

2 years ago

Our society and the giant shaving companies that profit from women removing their hair, have always told us that women aren’t pretty with body hair. However, things have started to change during the past few years. More and more women have started to grow their hair out and aren’t ashamed to show the world. Now, this isn’t something mandatory for every woman, but simply an option that anyone can choose if she wishes.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks that everyone is free to do whatever makes them happy without having to be attacked about it.

1. “Over the weekend I felt shamed for my legs. I just want to feel beautiful with them.”

2. “After running pictures”

3. “I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

4. “Beautiful with hairy pits and legs”

5. “This will be the first summer I haven’t shaved. Sometimes I feel self-conscious, but mostly, I feel empowered.”

6. “Rocking these at the pool today”

7. “I love being unshaved — freedom!”

8. “I’m going to enjoy the weather while we have it.”

9. “Gotten to a point where I completely forget that having armpit hair is uncommon.”

10. “Wish I ditched razors sooner.”

11. “Gonna miss those summer breezes. Until next year!”

12. “Living a life free of hate”

13. “I haven’t shaved anywhere for the past 2 years!”

14. “I feel gorgeous today!”

15. “Just got a pedicure yesterday! I’m finally learning to be comfortable going to the salon with my hair legs!”

Are you a fan of not shaving, and do you think women would be better off without having to worry so much about their body hair?


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