22 Accidental Art Pictures That Prove Magic Can Be Found Anywhere

2 years ago

Art isn’t just someone sitting in front of a canvas painting or a sculptor molding clay. It is also everyday things that we don’t plan or design, but that appear out of nowhere. These examples include loaf cakes whose insides look like someone is sleeping or butter portions that have a human face designed on them.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we love and support all kinds of art and those accidental Picassos definitely deserve your applause.

1. “This tiny dent in my linoleum floor looks like an eye.”

2. Is there an old man on the snow?

3. “My bunched-up sweater is staring at me.”

4. “Quiet please, the Lemon Raspberry Loaf is sleeping.”

5. “I reversed my car into a rock and the damage looks like a hand-painted mountain range.”

6. “The moth in my girlfriend’s car looks like a barn owl.”

7. “I see a little silhouette of a man.”

8. “I accidentally cosplayed as Little Britain.”

9. “My cacti look like a caveman about to club a rabbit.”

10. “Was coloring eggs with my niece when she accidentally made a dragon egg.”

11. “I took a picture of oil on soapy water and it looked like planets.”

12. “My new friend”

13. “I am scared of wearing shoes!”

14. “I overcooked an egg and it looks like a person is trying to climb out of it.”

15. “This rebar showing through the worn concrete”

16. “Let the dog out!”

17. “This smiling fried egg”

18. “I don’t trust this onion’s intentions.”

19. “Queen Victoria has a new dress.”

20. “It’s the Green Man.”

21. “My butter after seeing my face first thing in the morning”

22. This is one satisfied house.

Which of the photos above made you rub your eyes and say, “Oh, no way!”? What’s some of the art that you’ve seen in your everyday life but couldn’t capture on camera?


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