20 Sweet Pics That Can Turn Your Heart Into Mush

2 years ago

Looking at cute images — like animal videos for example — can “heal” you, according to experts. It’s because aww-worthy pictures or clips trigger the release of chemicals in our brain, which help us feel better.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to help spread positive vibes to everyone, so we’re sharing these 20 sweet photos, which could give us all the mushy feels.

1. “Our little old man turned 16 today, so I made him a driver’s license for the occasion.”

2. “Happy 101st Birthday, Daddio!”

3. “Here are my niece and her great-great-grandmother — born on the same day, 98 years apart. Truly heartwarming to see.”

4. “I just got home to these 3 little raccoons greeting me on my porch.”

5. “This is my pet toad in a little hat I bought for him.”

6. “My daughter insists on being rolled up like a burrito everyday when I get home from work.”

7. “I saw this beauty of a car today.”

8. “My cat being protective of my shoe”

9. “My wife and I have been feeding a stray for almost 2 months. Today she brought a few guests.”

10. “2 rainbows outside my back window after a quick rainstorm”

11. “Four generations. My son finally met his Great-Grandpa. It was an emotional day.”

12. “My cat and I are both 22.”

“Every time I left for college, I would say goodbye, not knowing if he would still be around when I got back. He made it to my graduation!”

13. “My son is turning 2 next month. My girl, Luna, has finally gotten through the jealousy stage.”

14. “I’m a preschool teacher with alopecia. Today one of my students told me, ’You look like the map on the wall!’”

15. “I made my dog pawberry shortcake and well, I think this is the cutest picture I’ve ever taken.”

16. “He woke up and stared like this for a whole minute. I think he was having flashbacks.”

17. “Eggsy loves sitting like this. I’ll miss it when he’s too big for it.”

18. “I think my son approves his first helmet after his surgery.”

19. “My son looking at himself in the mirror for the first time”

20. “The momma deer that lives on our property came and showed us her baby.”

Which picture caught your attention the most? Do you have your own heartwarming picture that you can add to the list? We’d love you to share it in the comment section.

Preview photo credit dogsonclouds / Reddit


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