20 Women Who Are Brave Enough to Define Their Own Beauty

2 years ago

As we’re constantly bombarded with images of stunningly beautiful models on social media, it’s hard not to criticize your own appearance. And although more and more fashion brands promote body positivity and use unretouched images in their campaigns, we still can’t help but compare ourselves to models who somehow manage to look flawless all the time. Luckily, there are brave ladies out there who aren’t shy about sharing their less-than-ideal pictures and encourage us to fall in love with our imperfections.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything tip our hats to these gorgeous women who prove you don’t need to look perfect to turn heads.

“My very unsymmetrical bulbous tipped and bumpy nose”

“I’ve fallen back in love with my hair.”

“The nose at the Grand Canyon”

“I look like a pelican, but that’s my favorite animal, so it’s okay.”

“I even transferred the money from my rhinoplasty savings to my regular savings and canceled the old account.”

“After 2 years of continuous bleaching, I finally cut all of the damaged hair off. Say hello to my new healthy hair!”

“I’ve slowly learned to love my crooked smile this year.”

“23 with androgenic alopecia, so I shaved my head!”

Androgenic alopecia is the exhaustion of hair that leads to hair loss.

“I grew up always wanting surgery but realized it would totally change my face since my nose is such a big part of that. Love what makes you unique!!”

“Trying to stay positive and see the beauty in this giant thing obstructing my face”

A beautiful Roman nose with a slight bump on the bridge

“I was always really shy about my afro — I would wear hats and hide it in hoodies. Today, I decided it needed to be something I was proud of, and not something I needed to hide.”

“Last year, I decided to embrace my natural hair color, and I believe it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

“I was told I shouldn’t wear big glasses because they emphasize my nose. So I bought the biggest pair I could find!”

“Been suffering on and off from hair loss and finally decided to shave it off and rock the bald look I’ve been trying so hard to avoid. For those suffering from hair loss, don’t let it defeat you or make you feel ugly. You’re all beautiful.”

“A close up of my freckled face”

“Unfiltered, no make-up — just me and my flaws. Not these freckles though, I love my freckles.”

“Been trying to love my nose a little more each and every day now.”

“Grew up with my mother’s nose, which she hated on herself and continuously apologized to me for.”

“I can now say I’m happy and love my hair.”

Is there a feature that you’d like to change in your appearance? How do you feel about plastic surgery in general?

Preview photo credit AudOneOut / Reddit


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