20 Times a Camera Captured Mother Nature’s Power to Amaze Us

2 years ago

Nature is in constant transformation and somehow it’s never predictable. Every day people come across all sorts of delightful surprises from Mother Earth, from a 4-eared squirrel to a rainbow that looks like another planet. In an age where every cellphone has a camera, it’s become easier for everyone to enjoy these gifts.

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to you with a photo compilation of natural wonders.

1. “A 4-eared squirrel that lives in my backyard”

2. “Right before a monarch butterfly emerges from a chrysalis it turns transparent so you can see the wings.”

3. “The gradient this clump of blueberries makes.”

4. “My aunt’s cat has the word ’NO’ circled in his fur pattern.”

5. “How this pine tree grew around the palm tree”

6. “A ball of salt that I took out of the Dead Sea”

7. “I found this leaf with only its ’veins’ remaining.”

8. “The perfect heart on this feather!”

9. “My leeks grew through their packaging.”

10. “A blue roly-poly from my garden”

11. “Lightning hit a sidewalk.”

12. “The rainbow in front of my house looks like another planet.”

13. “It’s not a dead leaf, it’s a moth.”

14. “A single rose with 2 rosebuds inside.”

15. “These ducks look like a bride and groom.”

16. “The wavy insides of this leek.”

17. “The many colors of Lake Superior.”

18. “If you don’t harvest your lettuce in time, it’ll start to look like Christmas trees.”

19. “This swirly dandelion I found”

20. “This comically huge strawberry that I purchased from the grocery store today.”

Which of these creations did you like the most? Have you ever seen unique natural phenomena?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit HeilThePoptartKitty / Reddit


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