18 Questionable Designs That Won’t Win Any Awards

2 years ago

A famous quote says that “Drama starts where logic ends.” And that’s exactly right when you look at really bad designs that don’t make any sense. For example, if someone buys a house and they find a radiator inside the shower, they will definitely create some drama and ask for an explanation.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t believe that some people made these designs and were happy with the result.

1. A radiator in the shower

2. “Cow tag earring”

3. “Toilet bench”

4. “Looking at you in both directions

5. “Bike parking space in Spain with nothing to hold the bike up.”

6. “This lamp looks like a Jell-O mold.”

7. “Toilet seat makes it looks like someone didn’t quite make it.”

8. “A bag of apples with a character on it that got poisoned by an apple”

9. “Somehow, I don’t believe the arrow.”

10. “This staircase is a bad trap for anyone over 5’10”."

11. “Found this at a mall, it looks kind of suspicious.”

12. “Kix cereal box has a stenciled spoon to give the illusion there’s cereal on top.”

13. “This creepy mannequin doll”

14. “I was having a good day until I went to the supermarket.”

15. “Finished the public toilets, boss!”

16. “This adult cell phone looks very happy to be holding a broken phone.”

17. “I’ve been going past this sign for at least 5 years and have yet to figure out its meaning.”

18. “The outlet is less than a foot away from the faucet and is inside the curtain.”

What is the worst design you’ve seen out in public that made you wonder what the designer was thinking?

Preview photo credit PanthermalUnderwear / reddit


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