15+ Pics That Prove the World Is Full of Mind-Blowing Gems

2 years ago

Social media platforms can be overflowing with information and content. But sometimes, there are rare gems that pop up in our timelines, which remind us how interesting and beautiful our world is. This is thanks to people who use the internet to share their incredible and curious finds with everyone else.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 fascinating photos that definitely deserve some airtime on your phone and computer screens.

1. “Came across an albino sea urchin the other day at work.”

2. “Went on a walk, fogged up my glasses, and found this.”

3. “These crabs I found in my mussels”

4. “I couldn’t believe when I woke and saw the northern lights out my plane window.”

5. “If you ever meet Steve Martin by chance, he gives you a card as proof you met him.”

“This certifies that you have had a personal encounter with me and that you found me warm, polite, intelligent and funny.”

6. “Guy with a sneakers and jeans t-shirt not wearing sneakers or jeans”

7. “A café in Anglesea, Victoria, reusing milk cartons as cup trays.”

8. What years of graffiti layers look like.

9. “This pyramid themed shopping mall has a wall of ancient Egyptians waiting in line to access an ATM.”

10. “I brought my car battery inside to charge it from −30°C and the frost showed me the acid level in each cell.”

11. “I saw a white lobster last week.”

12. “I was given a 1935 ’Silver Certificate’ (top) as part of my change from McDonald’s.”

13. “Dying flowers created a tie dye effect on my patio.”

14. “I spilled a milk ghost.”

15. “What a reaction to Niacin, a form of vitamin B3, looks like.”

16. “My wheel after driving in the snow all day”

17. “The logos floated off the M&M’s that I dropped into my coffee.”

18. “I found a reverse lady bug in my room.”

When was the last time you were surprised by a fascinating find? Hopefully, you took a photo of it, because we’d love to see it in the comments!


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