20 Times Mother Earth Painted Masterpieces All Around Us

2 years ago

Nature is always re-inventing itself and sometimes it adds an extra splash of creativity. From entire pink skies to heart-shaped lightning, Earth never fails to gift us with wonders. That’s why we have to make sure we appreciate its efforts to turn our surroundings into lovelier places.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gives nature the stage with photos that show some of its best creations.

1. “Found a piece of rock that looks like a steak.”

2. “A lightning strike I photographed today”

3. “This Nike shoe that we found while hiking”

4. “A perfectly round rock I found at the beach”

5. “This tree grows into itself.”

6. “An absolute unit of a grape with an egg to compare”

7. “Our new kitty has 24 toes.”

8. “A magical bench engulfed by 2 trees in my backyard”

9. “A little bird made of ice”

10. “Somehow half of the bottom trunk of this tree was cut, but the tree still managed to survive.”

11. “My cat’s checkered paw”

12. “My beet looks like salmon.”

13. “I was lucky enough to see the rainbow eucalyptus today; it’s like something out of a fairy tale.”

14. “The sky was pretty pink this morning.”

15. “Found this $29,000 amethyst throne today.”

16. “I broke a stick in half and was presented with a star at its core.”

17. “This wood chunk looks like a human heart.”

18. “This tree collapsed in a very strange way from the weight of the snow.”

19. This tiny avocado might be enough for a serving of guacamole for ants.

20. “The inside of this tree looks like a fish.”

Which one of these made your jaw drop? Have you ever encountered any awesome nature tricks?

Preview photo credit Weidelberg / Reddit


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