15 Photos That Prove Living With Cats Is an Adventure Filled With Love and Fun

2 years ago

Whether or not you’re a fan of cats, it’s undeniable that they steal the show with every move they make. Some even take it up a notch and warm our hearts with their playfulness and kind gestures of love. You could even say it’s their world, and we’re just living in it. If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself!

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you pics that prove knowing a cat is the cure to boredom.

1. “When you leave the yogurt unattended...”

2. “This is Archer accepting his new life.”

3. “I think our landlord finally turned the heating on...”

4. “My mom’s cat stares at her like this until she pets him.”

5. “Sassafras loves car rides.”

6. “Please send help.”

7. “A glitch in the Matrix”

8. “A scientist makes a cat milkshake for pleasure. The other cat watches in horror.”

9. “Recently picked up the sweetheart.”

10. “Her favorite way to lay on the couch.”

11. “The farm life”

12. “Get in the wagon! We’re going for a ride!!”

13. “At least they’re comfy.”

14. “Why does she do this?”

15. “Mack is SO happy we got her a brother!”

Do you live with kittens? Which of their funny attitudes always puts a smile on your face? Tell us about them in the comments.

Preview photo credit asocialas / Reddit


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