15 Hilarious Photos That Show Toddler Logic in All Its Glory

2 years ago

Kids can do things that seem absolutely crazy to adults. And while kid logic might not make any sense, it can definitely make you laugh. From a unique way to eat bananas to mastering the art of “duck face,” kids know how to turn your life into a comedy show.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t stop laughing as we looked at these 15 amusing pictures of kids doing all sorts of shenanigans.

1. “This is how my son eats a banana.”

2. “He asked me to pick what hand had his sock.”

3. “My toddler is really into smelling her feet lately.”

4. “Just let my toddler choose a color fizzy for her bath. She thanked me by dumping the entire package in and now it looks like I’m bathing her in sewage.”

5. “My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon.”

6. “I cannot keep from giggling every time I see my kid doing this.”

7. “Caught him trying to mimic my duck face...”

8. “My daughter in super stealth mode”

9. “My daughter was being too quiet, so I went to check on her.”

10. “Here’s my 3-year-old playing hide-and-seek.”

11. “If you look closely, you can see my son hiding from me.”

12. “Took the kids to meet Santa for the very first time. I guess we’ll stick to the dreidels and menorahs like we’re used to.”

13. “You look into your phone for just a second!”

14. “Went to check on my daughter (who’s supposed to be sleeping) and discovered that she had smuggled my eye shadow pallet to bed.”

15. “Hide-and-seek with my niece”

Which picture in the list is the funniest? Share with us the hilarious things your kids have done!

Preview photo credit Dureem / Reddit


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