9 Startling Facts That Will Make You Look at Everyday Things Differently

10 months ago

Often, we tend to overlook the things that surround us in our daily lives. We walk past them without much consideration. However, upon closer observation, these common objects can be quite intriguing. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most astonishing facts about the everyday items that we frequently encounter.

1. Crackers have holes for a reason.

Upon closer examination, it is quite peculiar that most crackers have perforations on them. However, the explanation lies in the science of baking, specifically related to the role of steam. The presence of these holes enables the steam to escape during the baking process, which prevents the formation of air bubbles that could potentially damage the crackers.

2. Cucumbers are berries.

Despite their common perception as vegetables, cucumbers are, in fact, classified as berries within the fruit family. This is because they grow from a single flower that contains only one ovum. On the other hand, raspberries, which are not true berries, are formed from multiple flowers, each of which develops its own set of seeds.

3. The first webcam was created to check a coffee pot.

In 1993, researchers at the University of Cambridge’s computer science department were simply tired of getting up from their desks to check the coffee pot, only to find it empty. To solve this issue, they created a system that could stream three images per minute from the Trojan Room, where the coffee pot was located, to the internal computer network. By the end of the year, the stream had made its way onto the World Wide Web, and the Trojan Room coffee pot became an overnight sensation, albeit briefly.

4. The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.

Elephants are the only known mammals that are incapable of jumping. This is due to the unique structure of their legs, which lack the necessary “spring” to propel them off the ground.

5. You can smell rain for a reason.

The scent of rain is highly distinctive, and although it may be challenging to identify the specific fragrances that create this aroma, we can easily recognize it when we catch a whiff of it. Petrichor is the term used to describe this refreshing scent, which can be attributed to a combination of factors such as bacteria, plants, and lightning. Scientists have been fascinated by petrichor’s long-lasting appeal for quite some time.

6. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans.

Coffee beans are actually seeds that come from the coffee fruit, a berry that grows on trees and can be either red or purple in color. The coffee bean, which is the seed of the coffee plant, is located inside the “coffee cherry,” which refers to the ripe and juicy red flesh of the fruit.

7. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Barbie made her debut on March 9, 1959, at the New York Toy Fair. Ruth Handler, her creator, modeled her after a German doll that her daughter, Barbara, loved to play with. Barbie’s original outfit was a black-and-white striped swimsuit, with her hair styled in a trendy ponytail. Since then, Barbie has become a muse for countless artists and fashion designers all over the world.

8. We wake up feeling cold for a reason.

Upon waking up, we often feel a slight chill in the room, which we may not immediately notice. While we sleep, our body’s core temperature drops slightly, and it takes several hours after waking up for us to reach our normal temperature. As a result, even though we are fully conscious, we may still feel a little cold and experience shivers.

9. Bananas are radioactive.

Although potassium is an essential nutrient for human health, excessive intake can be detrimental. Additionally, since it is a radioactive element, it is not uncommon for bananas to be cited as a source of radiation exposure.

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