A Deep Dive Into Body Fat and the Different Female Body Types

10 months ago

While fat is commonly perceived as undesirable, it holds great importance within our bodies. Beyond its energy storage role, fat tissue actively releases hormones controlling metabolism and appetite. Jumping to the visual side of things, different fat percentages create different body types. And body types are the ones that play a massive role in what we will wear and how we will conduct ourselves.

The different types of body fat.

  • One of the most common types of body fat is known as visceral fat. This type of fat is internal and packs itself around our vital organs in our body. We start to notice this fat when we eat too many calories and don’t do enough physical exercise.
  • If you start to notice a disproportionate amount of fat collection in your upper arms, then it could be because of hormonal changes in your body. For instance, if you’re taking any kind of hormone medication that changes your hormone levels, then you may start to notice more fat production in your upper arms.
  • It is known to be a storage center for fat, especially for women. This causes what’s known as love handles, and the main cause is likely to be heredity, as well as too much gluten and milk. And of course, lack of physical activity can contribute to more fat being stored here. Also, if you are taking Estrogen based medication (such as a contraceptive pill), it is common to produce more fat in these areas.
  • Low protein-rich diets are often the culprit for fat production in this area. Regularly eating processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugary drinks on top of not exercising frequently can lead to excess fat storage in the lower back and waist. This fat type is not only common for women, but also can often be found in men.

The different body shapes.

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  • The rectangle body shape refers to those women who don’t have a major definition at the waistline and hips. Some of the most common features of this type of female body are: small bustline, straight shoulders, a tendency to gain weight mostly in the upper back, very little waist definition, straight hips with a similar width as the shoulders and almost no curves on the body frame.
  • The inverted triangle is a female body shape that emphasizes a smaller lower body and wider upper body. The inverted triangle-shaped woman tends to have these body features: gains weight mainly in the stomach area and upper body, the hips are generally narrow and the chest is larger, shapely legs, broad chest, shoulders, and back, and an athletic-looking body shape.
  • Another female body type is the hourglass shape. This type of silhouette is characterized by the fact that both the shoulders and the hips have similar measurements, with the difference that the waist is smaller. These are the main characteristics: defined waistline, the hips have a rounded shape, thighs tend to be bigger and thick, the bottom and upper body parts are equally broad and when the body gains weight, it usually distributes evenly throughout the whole body.
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  • The pear body is also known as a triangle. The difference with the inverted triangle body type is precisely that, in this case, a triangular shape is literally followed. Some of the main characteristics of the pear-shaped female body type are: the weight distributes mostly on the lower hips and thighs, the upper body part is small, the waist is very defined, hips are large and thighs are thick.
  • The apple body shape, also known as the oval, gives women a larger bust, a pronounced belly, and wide hips. Female bodies with an oval or apple shape generally share these characteristics: similar bust, waist, and hip measurements, curvy shape, undefined waistline, rounded shoulders and slim legs in comparison to the rest of their body.

The types of underwear that fit each body type better.

  • If you have an inverted triangle figure, that probably means you have narrow hips and an undefined waist. Scoops are a good and comfortable choice in this case. Choosing the right size is very important, though. Make sure you feel good when moving.
  • In the case of circular bodies, choosing high-waisted underwear, such as the aforementioned high-waisted briefs, is essential. Avoid excess fabric in the back as it can bulk and be seen in tight-fitting clothes.
  • Bodies with an hourglass silhouette can benefit from scoops because they combine panties and bikinis. Lace underwear with high cuts on the legs is also a good option. You can choose different styles of fabrics and lace to wear. Many women with an hourglass shape have a more extended waistline; if so, high-waisted briefs can be very comfortable too.
  • Rectangular bodies need not avoid specific types of underwear. You can opt for lower cuts, such as bikinis, that show a bit more skin. Lace can also be a good idea: they cover less, and you won’t have to worry about them having visible lines.
  • If you have a low core, try wearing thongs and G-strings. It’s probably better not to wear briefs since they will cause tension and discomfort. Besides, this type of underwear will create visible lines if you wear jeans.

How to choose the right bag for your body type.

  • Inverted triangle shape: Keep the attention around your waist area to create a balanced look. The point to consider for you is the length and width of the straps. Since you don’t need more around your chest, don’t go for too small or oversized shoulder bags with large straps.
  • Rectangular shape: You need to add curves to your shape to compensate for your sharp figure, that’s why the design and the material of the handbag are important for you. Keep the length of the straps so that the bag falls around your hips and leave the well-structured and geometrical shaped bags for others.
  • Pear shape: You don’t want to look thicker from the waist down, so keep the focus around your shoulders and chest. To achieve this, you only need to be careful about strap length. Your handbag shouldn’t fall below your waist line.
  • Apple shape: You need to create an illusion to balance the outlines of your body. The size and design of the hand bag you choose will make the all difference. Stay away from small, short strapped, and unstructured models.
  • Hourglass shape: Even though there isn’t a block between the handbag choices and your body, you should choose bags that do not cover your balanced figure. Give smooth textures and patterns a shot and wear them with simple outfits, for a more dramatic effect.

What the ’ideal’ body type will look like in the future.

  • Globalization: Television and the internet have become widespread all over the world. The traditional societies of Puerto Rico, Samoa, and Tanzania have always appreciated plump women. However, starting in the 1990s, they began to perceive plumpness as undesirable, having been influenced by European countries. In rural areas, where physical labor still matters, the shapes of strong and big women are still appreciated. However, men who move from villages to cities, start to change their preferences to more slender girls.
  • Preference for women with an “hourglass” body shape: It’s likely that a thin waist and wide hips will remain among the priorities. But the trend for slim girls will stay more trendy due to the influence of the fashion industry.
  • Advertisements and the fashion industry are made for slim girls: Fashion designers most often prefer skinny girls (oftentimes, with a universal boyish look) because any clothes look good on them. Since they work with computer programs, they are free to create not only slim bodies but also body shapes that simply can’t exist. At the same time, according to statistics, a teenage girl gets 180 minutes of information from various media daily, while she spends only 10 minutes communicating with her parents. Thus, unrealistic standards of beauty are increasingly being introduced into our consciousness and into the consciousness of our children. Of course, some women and plus-size models have affected fashion to some extent, but it’s unlikely that the effect will be long-lasting.
  • Removing borders between genders: More and more people, including celebrities, have become androgynous, influenced by the idea of feminism. They believe that there should be no difference between men and women, so they start wearing masculine hairstyles and clothes. It’s up to you to decide whether this is good or bad, but it’s likely that the feminine beauty standard in the near future will lack any gender indicators.

Bonus: why body fat is healthy.

Beyond its unwelcome appearance in problem areas like our bellies and thighs, fat is very important for our bodies to function. Fat tissue not only releases hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite but also impacts insulin sensitivity. In fact, fat tissue contains immune cells that impact inflammation, both soothing it and starting it.

But beware, excessive calorie consumption can lead to excess production of fat cells, creating chronic inflammation and disrupting your healthy metabolism.

All body types are beautiful and clothes can look equally great on two different women. And of course, there are simple tricks to look ravishing no matter your weight or body formation.


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