A Girl, 10, Who Has the Body of a One-Year-Old, Survives Many Surgeries, but Faces Online Mockery

2 weeks ago

Bella Thomson, a courageous 10-year-old from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, battles three rare medical conditions: a form of dwarfism, Hirschsprung’s Disease, and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). Her mother, Kyla Thomson, has spent nearly a decade caring for her and has become a passionate advocate, sharing their inspiring journey with over 7 million followers on TikTok.

Kyla clarified Bella’s medical conditions.

During a recent interview with the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF), Kyla delved into Bella’s medical journey. Hirschsprung’s Disease, characterized by the absence of nerve cells in sections of the large intestine, profoundly affected Bella, affecting her entire colon. Through their robust social media presence, the family endeavors to increase awareness and offer support to fellow medical families.

Although they may have good intentions, some people inevitably propagate negativity.

Despite conveying a positive message, the Thomsons have encountered adverse reactions. Following the posting of a viral video featuring Kyla lifting Bella towards the camera, they experienced a surge of online negativity. This led to defensive reactions from prominent TikTok personalities such as Jen Hamilton and Ophelia Nichols. During an interview, Kyla admitted her typical aversion to engaging with online negativity but conceded that this particular instance felt exceptionally burdensome.

“I never really want to respond because I don’t want to give them the credit they’re looking for,” Kyla remarked. “They’re just hiding behind a keyboard in the comments section.” She noted that while such incidents are rare, viral content brings increased visibility and scrutiny.

Instead of opting to disable comments, as she had done previously, she decided to directly confront some of the hurtful remarks, aiming to enlighten others about Bella’s extensive medical journey. Bella, who, due to her dwarfism, weighs less than 30 pounds, has endured over 1,000 days in the hospital, undergone numerous surgeries, and survived multiple septic shock infections. Just last year, she underwent a life-saving bowel transplant.

Nevertheless, the Thomsons remain steadfast in their dedication to focusing on their genuine supporters.

Kyla is deeply committed to advocating for pediatric organ donations and offering support to medical families, with the goal of fostering understanding rather than withdrawing from online platforms. Despite facing adversity, Bella consistently demonstrates remarkable resilience, often encouraging her mother to disregard the negativity.

The Thomsons remain steadfast in creating content for their supporters, whom they affectionately call the “Bella Bravelings.” Kyla emphasized the importance of this community in their lives, stating, “That’s who we’re here for. That’s who we show up for. We keep our focus on them, and we’re happy that they support us.” She hopes their followers will continue promoting positivity without resorting to retaliation against trolls.

Bella recognizes the importance of her supportive community, which serves as a source of motivation for her to persevere. “That’s what she knows, and that’s what keeps her going too,” Kyla affirmed. The Thomsons’ journey stands as a testament to the strength of resilience, advocacy, and the unwavering support of a compassionate online community.

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