A Man Removes Facial Fillers After Multiple Beauty Procedures, Stunning People with Remarkable Results

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In a daring defiance of societal beauty norms, a man has unveiled the remarkable results of his choice to undergo eye plastic surgery and eliminate facial fillers. Chronicled on social media, his transformative experience has mesmerized viewers, leaving them stunned by the profound alterations.

He aimed for a ’plastic’ appearance.

David Kosir embarked on an unwavering quest for his desired aesthetic through cosmetic surgery, garnering notoriety for his extravagant transformation journey. His fascination with plastic enhancement began innocently in 2019 with the use of fillers, but soon evolved into a full-blown obsession. Travelling the globe in pursuit of his ideal appearance, each procedure played a role in shaping the evolution of his look.

In May 2021, a significant milestone was reached as he underwent his inaugural permanent procedure. Kosir’s ambition to attain a"human, male Barbie doll look, like Ken" emphasized his admiration for the «plastic, fake» aesthetic, which he considered the epitome of beauty. His narrative stands as a compelling testament to the extents to which individuals will push themselves to realize their envisioned image.

David Kosir invested a lot of money in beauty procedures.

David Kosir spared no cost in his quest for aesthetic improvements, openly acknowledging his significant investment in multiple beauty procedures. Kosir dedicated $100,000 to plastic surgery endeavors, which encompassed acquiring 14 milliliters of lip filler for $7,500, undergoing monthly sessions of freckle laser removal costing $1,200 each, receiving 10 milliliters of cheek filler for $7,000, and more.

Additionally, Kosir underwent a nose job for $13,000, invested $33,000 in teeth veneers and crowns. Kosir attributed his continued inspiration to the influx of images portraying beautifully enhanced individuals on his social media platforms.

At some point, Kosir made the decision to remove all the filler from his face.

Last year, David Kosir, known as @plasticbotchedboy online, captured attention when he uploaded a video titled «Removed all my facial filler.» This video, featuring a striking before-and-after transformation, rapidly gained viral traction, accumulating an astonishing 22 million views.

Audiences were captivated by the noticeable change, flooding the comments section with admiration for the transformation. Comments such as «The best thing he could have done», «Looks so much better without, looked funky before,» and «you instantly look younger, so much more youthful!» poured in, underscoring the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Kosir’s choice to reverse his cosmetic enhancements.

He additionally underwent further procedures.

Following the removal of his fillers, David Kosir pursued an extensive array of cosmetic procedures, which included cat eyes, cheek lift, lip lift, and facial fat transfer, among others. The immediate aftermath of these surgeries revealed a notably transformed appearance, sparking widespread speculation and concern among viewers.

A viral video showing his puffy post-surgery face sparked doubt about the final result. Yet, as days went by, Kosir unveiled the impressive outcome of his surgery, displaying his now healed and enhanced features. This incredible transformation garnered an abundance of compliments from supporters, with remarks such as, «You know what, I didn’t trust the process at first....but now that you’re healed, you look gorgeous» inundating the feedback.

In another article, we presented the transformation results of ordinary individuals who regretted their decision to undergo plastic surgery.


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