A Man Who Looks 20 at 57 on Why He Doesn’t Want to Be Called ’Forever Young’

8 months ago

Chuando Tan, a famous photographer from Singapore, attracted worldwide attention for his engaging portraits of others and his impressive self-portraits. Born in 1966, Chuando, who is now 57 years old, has an unusually youthful appearance that defies his true age.

Chuando Tan has maintained his fitness since the beginning of his career.

Chuando Tan, a Singaporean man, had a diverse career in the past. He was a model in the 1980s and dabbled in pop singing during the ’90s. However, when his music pursuits waned, he switched gears and pursued a photography career. Surprisingly, a deviation from his usual work opened up a new path for him.

During an interview, Tan recounted, “I created an Instagram account after friends mentioned that clients nowadays consider a photographer’s social media following. To liven up my feed, I decided to share my thoughts through captions and posted a few self-portraits.”

Soon enough, users began noticing Tan’s seemingly ageless appearance despite being 57 years old. People speculated about the secret behind his youthful looks, attributing it to genetics while others credited Singapore’s clean air, quality healthcare, and luxury products. Let’s explore Tan’s daily routine to confirm these theories.

His breakfast is straight to the point.

Tan believes that one’s diet plays a vital role in their overall well-being and physical appearance, accounting for 70% of the equation, while exercise contributes 30%. Following this principle, Tan makes choices, such as having six hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, leaving out two yolks due to cholesterol concerns. He also drinks a glass of milk and sometimes adds avocado with berries, providing a significant protein and energy boost to start his day.

Throughout the day, Tan eats chicken with rice, grilled vegetables, and fish soup. Although he loves ice cream, he only indulges in it during the first half of the day. Tan consciously avoids coffee and tea, preferring to consume ample water.

He dedicates approximately 90 minutes to exercise.

Tan includes strength training in his routine, aiming for four sessions per week but adjusting to at least three when he’s busy. He devotes around 30 minutes to this activity. After strength training, he complements it with cardio training. Instead of jogging, he opts for brisk walking on a treadmill to protect his knee, which has been injured in the past. In addition, he gives priority to swimming and aims to swim for about an hour every day in the evening at a swimming pool.

He doesn’t use skincare items.

Rumors are circulating about Tan undergoing plastic surgery or using special cosmetics, but he clarifies his approach, saying, “I have sensitive skin that’s why there are only 2 things I use daily: gel face wash and moisturizing cream.”

While Tan did receive a gifted Botox procedure in the past, he wasn’t happy with the results and chose not to continue visiting cosmetologists. However, he does admit to using hair dye to cover his gray hair.

He doesn’t take a bath late.

In reality, Tan values maintaining a regular sleep routine by ensuring he doesn’t stay up later than 11 PM and wakes up early each day. He firmly believes that working late into the night or watching movies past midnight is not beneficial for one’s health. To ensure quality sleep, he avoids eating 5-6 hours before going to bed.

Chuando asserts, “Trust me, going to bed early is worth it. Having had enough sleep, you’ll be able to do more things during the day rather than if you work at night.”

He doesn’t think is fair to call him ’forever young.’

During a recent interview for a longevity series, he openly admitted that the constant questions about his timeless appearance “eventually gets to me. I do feel the pressure. Because, deep inside, I know I’m not that young. I’m aging. So I’m not going to give the false impression that I’m forever young. Maybe they all want a shortcut, a secret to how to keep their youth right?”

Tan ponders the process of getting older. He honestly expressed, “I would be lying if I say that it never crossed my mind that I want to learn how not to age. But this is something that you can’t avoid because aging is inevitable.”

As he confidently embraces his age-defying looks at 57, this man’s story is just the beginning of our exploration into the secrets of eternal youth. Stay tuned as we delve into the remarkable skincare routine that keeps J. Lo’s radiance untouched at 54, without any assistance from Botox injections.


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