A Woman “Married” to a Ragdoll Celebrates the Arrival of “Twins” and Reveals Details of Her Pregnancy Journey

5 months ago

A 39-year-old woman has discovered her dream spouse in a ragdoll and went on to marry it in a complete wedding ceremony. Now, the unconventional couple has welcomed twins, bringing immense joy. The new mother is opening up about her pregnancy experience and the changes in their unique family life.

An extraordinary love story.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes grew weary of her single life, longing for loyalty and trustworthiness in a partner. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t find the right man. Expressing her frustration to her mother, a solution emerged.

Meirivone’s mother crafted a life-size ragdoll named Marcelo for her daughter. Surprisingly, love blossomed between Meirivone and Marcelo, leading to a heartfelt wedding ceremony where both bride and groom were dressed to perfection.

Parenthood added a fascinating dimension to their lives.

A year ago, the couple welcomed their son Marcelinho, and recently, they excitedly announced another addition to their unconventional family. Embracing life’s surprises, Meirivone and Marcelo recently hosted a lively gender reveal party, capturing the joyous moment on social media. Initially anticipating a baby girl, Marcela, Meirivone later surprised everyone by revealing the birth of twins.

Meirivone emphasizes that both she and Marcelo actively contribute to raising their children.

Life in Meirivone and Marcelo’s household is like a puzzle where everyone, including the ragdoll dad and toy kids, pitches in for parenting duties. With the recent addition of twins, their family dynamic has doubled, making every moment a blend of emotions. Despite the challenges, Marcelo lends a helping hand to his wife. He ensures tasks like bathing, eating, and sleeping are a shared responsibility.

The arrival of the twins has brought some stress to the family.

Within the affectionate nest filled with love and laughter, Marcelo, the ragdoll dad, encounters some stress. The expanding family brings heightened expenses, covering everything from food and clothing to rent and medications. Despite these challenges, Marcelo persists in his dream of having a family and children, viewing each obstacle as a step toward the life he always desired.

Beyond their unconventional family dynamics, Meirivone and Marcelo nurture aspirations beyond their ragdoll household. Since their wedding, Marcelo has diligently scoured the internet daily, driven by a steadfast determination to own their house, as shared by Meirivone. The pursuit of this dream, despite inevitable ups and downs, remains unwavering.

The family has also faced some “tragic” incidents.

In a startling turn of events, Meirivone asserted that their baby, Marcelinho, was allegedly held hostage, demanding a ransom for his release. The frantic search, documented through TikTok videos and neighborhood flyers, added an intense chapter to their story. Fortunately, Marcelinho was found safe and sound, attending his sister’s baby shower, introducing another twist to the eventful saga of Meirivone and Marcelo.

Additionally, Meirivone accused Marcelo of cheating on her twice, discovering it through a friend’s text message. The incident deeply upset her, leading her to ask her husband to sleep on the couch. Despite these challenges, the couple’s bond is stronger than ever now.

There are still many unique families in the world. For example, in another one of our articles, we shared the story of a man who faced backlash for having a child with a disabled woman. Nevertheless, the couple managed to create a remarkable family.


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