20 People Who Decided to Make a Change and Are Ecstatic About the Results

2 years ago

No matter how often we hear that everyone is beautiful, some people don’t always feel that way. Many of us may dislike one of our features, which makes us uncomfortable on a daily basis. So, going to a plastic surgeon to help us improve our appearance is often the solution. And not only will that help us feel more attractive, but it can also boost our self-esteem.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to show respect to those who took matters into their own hands and changed something in their looks that they disliked.

1. “What orthognathic surgery can do”

Yes, I can see that this would have been a huge boost to this young girl's self-esteem. People say that appearances don't matter, but they only don't matter if you are 'normal' ... & fit the stereotypical face, figure or form.

  • “I’m happy for her. She looks great and her confidence must have skyrocketed after this operation.” ©MerxUltor / reddit

2. “17 days post-op from my double jaw surgery (UK)! Recovery has been a struggle, but I have no regrets.”

Looks beautiful! Now go right out there & enjoy the life you've always wanted but felt held back by your self-confidence. You also have gorgeous skin!


3. “Before and 2 weeks post-op from my septorhinoplasty. Didn’t expect to like my nostrils so much!”

4. “Hair transplant, 6 months post-op. 5,030 hair grafts later”

5. “March vs now! I feel like a whole new person.”

6. “2 years post-op from septorhinoplasty”

7. “Septorhinoplasty: before vs 5 months post-op”

8. “Today, I’m exactly 9 months in!”

9. “6 months post-chin implant and submentoplasty!”

10. “Here’s me, 5-months post-op! DJS + genioplasty + septoplasty! I’m so happy with the results.”

11. “Day 2 post-op from Asian blepharoplasty. Still swollen but I like how it’s going!”

12. “Had braces all throughout college, so, yeah, this is great!”

13. “I finally get to post my rhinoplasty before and after pics here! These are 14 days post-op as of yesterday.”

14. “Thought you guys might find my journey through jaw alignment surgery interesting.”

15. “Double jaw surgery transformation in the UK (date of surgery: May 28, 2019)”

16. “3 weeks post-op maxillary advancement”

17. “10 weeks post-top jaw surgery, before and after”

18. “10 days post-op!”

19. “2 weeks post-op, before and after! These aren’t professional photos or anything, and I’m still pretty swollen.”

20. “8 weeks post-op! LJS + sliding genio, before and after”

Have you ever had plastic surgery, and if so, what did you change? Are you thinking about having any procedures soon?

Preview photo credit burgpug / reddit


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