Ben Affleck Shocked People With His Recent Appearance

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Every outing of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck grabs public attention. Recently, the couple and Affleck’s son Samuel attended a basketball game. People didn’t immediately recognize Ben in the photos; he looked completely different. Many blamed his wife for this change.

A family moment

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Ben’s son Samuel recently caught a Lakers vs. Warriors game from courtside seats, adding extra buzz to the event. Jennifer rocked sparkly boots with jeans and a chic white crop top, topped with a stylish jacket and gold hoops. Samuel showed his Warrior’s pride in a blue Steph Curry outfit. Ben kept it casual in jeans, a flannel shirt, and a navy blue jacket, all capped off with a matching cap. Their outfits added to the fun vibe of the game, making it a memorable night for everyone.

Fans took notice of Ben’s appearance, sparking speculation about him appearing “different”.

What garnered the most attention from fans was Ben Affleck’s notably altered appearance, diverging significantly from his usual public persona. Social media was abuzz with comments such as, «Ben Affleck is unrecognizable», and «Ben looks so different, looks nothing like him at all.»

Many speculated that his clean-shaven face, a departure from his typically rugged look, was the cause of this drastic change. Additionally, there were discussions surrounding his uncharacteristic public smile and the genuine happiness he seemed to display while enjoying the game with his family, suggesting these factors contributed to his transformed appearance. Observers noted how he appeared genuinely pleased to be engrossed in the game rather than seeking attention or feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Indeed, someone wrote: «Basketball is Ben’s happy place; that’s evident.»

There were also people blaming Jennifer Lopez

Some folks also pointed fingers at Jennifer Lopez. Whenever she’s in the spotlight, JLo tends to attract criticism, and this time was no different. Some said she was trying too hard to be like Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, a critique she’s heard before. Others blamed Lopez for changing Affleck’s look and making him different from his usual self. And some thought Jennifer could have let Ben and his son have their moment without always being in the picture.

Some accused Jennifer Lopez of making Ben look older compared to when he was with Ana de Armas. «Who is older, Ben or Jen? She is sucking out his youth.» «Ben aged like 10 years with Jlo.»

Others noted Jennifer’s disinterested appearance and speculated that she wasn’t actually into basketball. «Sometimes when I see the celebrities go out together to basketball games, they look like they’re pretended to be interested. At least the girl sometimes does the guy, but why good, why go if you don’t wanna be there if you look like you don’t wanna be there,» one wrote.

Not long ago, fans were discussing why Ben always looks unhappy next to JLo. The woman even gave an answer and reassured everyone that everything is fine with her husband.

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