I Set 4 Wedding Guidelines for My Fiancé’s Family — They Got Offended and Refuse to Attend

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When love sparks between people from divergent backgrounds, harmonizing their worlds can sometimes provoke tension. Meghan, a soon-to-be bride, encountered such a challenge. Concerned about her fiancé’s less affluent family blending into her envisioned wedding, she sought a solution. However, her attempt only exacerbated the situation.

This is Meghan’s letter.

Thank you for entrusting us with your story, Meghan! Here are some tips we hope you’ll find helpful.

Empathy and understanding.

Instead of imposing rigid rules, embrace the diversity within your families. Rather than dictating specific dress codes or transportation arrangements, encourage everyone to showcase their authentic selves.

By celebrating the uniqueness of each family, you can craft a wedding ambiance that pays homage to both your sophisticated upbringing and your fiancé’s modest origins.

Open communication.

Engage in a candid and transparent dialogue with your future in-laws to articulate the motives behind your requests. Emphasize that your goal is not to cause offense or diminish their contributions, but rather to foster unity and serenity for your upcoming celebration.

Remain open to their perspectives and apprehensions, and be willing to discuss and modify your expectations as needed.

Inclusion and flexibility.

Show a willingness to embrace the uniqueness of both families by finding ways to incorporate elements from both backgrounds into the wedding celebration.

Instead of imposing strict rules, consider compromises that honor the traditions and preferences of both sides. Allow room for flexibility in areas such as transportation, gift-giving, and attire while maintaining the overall elegance and significance of the occasion.

Personal touch and appreciation.

Express heartfelt gratitude for the presence and support of your fiancé’s family in your wedding festivities. Highlight the significance of their involvement and assure them of their cherished place in your heart.

Extend gestures of inclusivity and warmth by welcoming their input and suggestions, inviting them to infuse personal touches into the celebration, and involving them in decision-making. Demonstrate your sincere commitment to ensuring their joy and comfort throughout this momentous occasion.

Another one of our readers, Lynn, encountered a difficult dilemma on her wedding day: having to decide between inviting her dad or her stepdad to the celebration. Though she made her decision at the time, she later found herself plagued by regret as she realized the repercussions of her choice.


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All I can say is W.O.W.!! And it's not a wow written with admiration. What really got me is the monetary gift of 200$ OR LESS. That tells me everything about her character I want to know. All the good and diplomatic advice she was given is useless in my opinion. I can only tell the future husband....RUN as fast as you can!!! This union will never work!! He will never measure up to her expectations and lifestyle she is used too. I sadly agree with the future MIL and her refusal of not attending the wedding. She and her family might not be blessed with the same riches or education but she managed to raise a son who was apparently accepted by her parents and most of all by the bride herself. You can't buy a good heart, good character and apparently good manners. All of what the bride seems to lack.


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