I Took a DNA Test for My Baby After Being Accused of Cheating and Accidentally Revealed My MIL’s Dark Secret

4 months ago

Accusations of infidelity can severely impact trust in a relationship. A woman faced such accusations when her baby’s unusual eye color led to suspicions of unfaithfulness. However, upon deciding to undergo a DNA test to vindicate herself, the mother discovered an unexpected truth.

A Redditor revealed the discovery of a hidden family secret from the past.

I, a 25-year-old female, gave birth to my daughter 2 months ago and despite my husband (28) telling me he knows I’d never cheat on him, I wanted to give our daughter a paternity test. The reason? She has green eyes and my husband and I both don’t have green eyes, my parents don’t either, and neither do my in-laws — no one in my family has them. My husband said it was probably some weird genetic thing, but I wanted the test for his peace of mind.

He kept refusing because he trusts me, but his mother keeps commenting on our daughter’s eyes, as do the rest of his family members who keep making comments about me possibly cheating — even my family finds it odd that our daughter has green eyes. My husband says to ignore them because he knows I’d never cheat, but I finally had enough of his family’s comments and told him I wanted the test.

He only agreed to get me to calm down and, well, our daughter is his, but my FIL isn’t my husband’s father. My in-laws have been married for decades, so the idea that my MIL cheated on my FIL never crossed either of our minds. My husband wants to confront his mother, but I’m telling him to wait, that yes, she’s a liar and a hypocrite, but we need to think this through.

Yes, I agree my FIL should know, but we’re both tired from taking care of a newborn, we’ve found out something shocking, and we’re not thinking rationally. He wants to tell his father and so do I, but the fall-out will be apocalyptic. I just wanted to give him peace of mind, and instead I started the end of his parents’ marriage and possibly blew up his family.

We did 2 tests, a paternity and an ancestry test. I wanted to see if maybe there was a relative we just didn’t know about that could have caused my daughter’s eye color.

Online users were just as astonished by the unfolding events.

  • That DNA test was also for your baby, even if your husband insisted he was fine. I understand how you thought it was important that there was no doubt among your in-laws who were making comments, so it was crucial to establish paternity beyond any doubt. No one ever implied she wasn’t his as she grew up. MIL should have never made those comments, and now she’s getting what she tried to deal you, except she’s actually guilty of cheating. © lobosaguila / Reddit
  • Another possibility is that the MIL and FIL did in-vitro with a sperm donor and never told their son. The son should have a DNA test as well. This will clear up any of the scenarios, i.e. MIL had an affair, son was switched at birth, sperm donor, etc. © shbrinnnn / Reddit
  • MIL should’ve kept her comments to herself. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks. But you will be the bad person if you forbid your husband from talking with his parents about this. He supported you, so you should be supporting him. © Responsible-Pen-4386 / Reddit
  • There is a small chance the husband isn’t related to MIL either, though. As in, switched at birth or secretly adopted. © Gaosnl / Reddit

The next time she brings up green eyes, tell her you had DNA tested and ask if she's willing to go over that with the family or shut the F up and keep it among the 4 of you. Or 3 of you.

  • You didn’t cheat nor your husband... this is called ramifications of your MIL’s actions back then (cheating) and projecting it onto you now, so much that you sought a way to shut her up. Now she is going to pay the piper for both. If she had kept her mouth shut now, she wouldn’t have been caught. © TakeTheCanolli / Reddit
  • Newborn eye color is not set at birth, babies are born with blue eyes or grayish eyes, depending. Green eyes specifically usually start out blue and take months to literally years to turn green. © PrudentOwlet / Reddit
  • However, this isn’t a confrontation. It’s a conversation — and not one you should be a part of. It should be a private conversation between your husband and his mother. They could have used a sperm donor and never told anyone. She could have had an affair. I want to be clear this isn’t your business, and you don’t need to be a part of this conversation. It also isn’t your job to tell your FIL. Once your husband calmly talks to his mother, they get to decide what to do. His father is his father regardless of paternity. Don’t blow up someone’s life. © BlueBelle2019 / Reddit
  • You didn’t «start the end of his parents’ marriage.» On the other side, do not assume your MIL is «a liar and a hypocrite.» There are various reasons why your FIL may not be your husband’s biological father — he could be sterile, among other possibilities. Frankly, their marriage is not even your husband’s business, just as his marriage is not their concern. He would be within his rights to ask once, privately and calmly, about his father for the purpose of determining his risk for hereditary diseases. © Pentdecag0n / Reddit

Unearthing a shattering truth about someone dear to us can frequently lead to profound and transformative outcomes.


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