Michael Jackson’s Three Kids Gathered Together to Honor Their Father’s Memory, and People Were Amazed by Their Appearance

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Michael Jackson has three children remaining. In the early years after the singer’s death, they often appeared in public, but over time, their paths diverged, and some began to avoid media attention. And now, all three children have come together to honor their father’s memory.

The Jackson siblings’ evening out.


Michael Jackson’s kids, Paris, Prince, and Bigi, had a memorable outing at the MJ: The Musical preview in London. On a Wednesday evening, they were seen at the Prince Edward Theatre, ready to enjoy a show that celebrates their father’s extraordinary life.


The brothers, Prince and Bigi «Blanket», chose classic black suits for the event. Prince combined his suit with a red shirt and tie, while Bigi went for a more casual look with his shirt’s top buttons undone. In the center, Paris shone brightly in a dress that gracefully fell off her shoulders.

Paris Jackson’s stunning dress came from Giambattista Valli’s latest collection. It featured elegant sheer sleeves and bows that added a touch of sophistication. Her red sandals and gold clutch perfectly complemented her outfit, echoing the golden hues of her hair.

Paris Jackson is now 26 years old, and she appears in public more often than Michael’s other children. Paris acts in movies and has a successful modeling career. Additionally, Paris is exploring her talents in music. Her brother, 27-year-old Prince Jackson, prefers to stay away from public attention and focuses on music. Bigi, the youngest child of the singer born through a surrogate mother, is 22 years old. He dislikes media attention and is trying his hand in the film industry as an actor and producer.

Look at the other children of stars who have already grown up. It’s clear that they have inherited the best from their celebrity parents.

Preview photo credit MICHAEL GERMANA / STAR MAX / East News, LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo


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