My Teenage Daughter Started Calling Her Stepmom “Mom” and I Was Shocked When I Found Out the Truth

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Relationships with teenagers are always challenging. Especially so if the parents are divorced, and each has a new family. Our reader Joy sent us a letter describing a difficult situation she’s facing and seeking advice.

This is the letter that Joy sent us:

aan haar vader vragen of hij haar voor altijd in huis wilt halen. dan komen er geen dure cadeautjes meer, en dan vind stiefmoeder het ook niet zo leuk meer.


We decided to find out what people think about this situation.

  • It’s up to you to have her call you Mom. Do not answer her if she calls you by any other name. Be strong. © Darlene Kaiser / Facebook
  • Don’t play their game, ignore it, be cool, just be nice to your daughter she is confused right now choosing material stuff over you. It will pass, she comes back to you later. Keep doors open for her, she will need you later. It happens to all of us. © Marisa Morgan / Facebook
  • Well the daughter will discover that when daddy dearest have manage to “by” her and leave her mom then he will stop throwing money on her. It is painful that he use money to make you feel sad, but be strong, She will find out hopefully that she is just a piece in his game to hurt you. © Ilonka Wimmer-Ljungqvist / Facebook
  • Please give her time and attention. Invite her for a walk in a park with her favorite food and a good talk about school and her friends. © Mariecris Cabasan / Facebook
  • Careful! Step lightly! My daughter did the same thing! She used to con her dad into buying things I could not afford, or would not buy her. There’s a lot more. I’m going to shorten this up by saying, her dad passed away two years ago. Now she accuses me of hating her. © Jane Ellen / Facebook
  • Sounds like you are jealous of your daughter’s relationship with her dad and stepmom and that they can afford to buy stuff for her. Their money they can spend on your daughter if they want. But I would not be allowing her to disrespect you by calling you your first name, I would sit her down and tell her this is not ok and if she carries on there will be consequences and then tell her what punishment will be then followed through in this. © Karen Maidens / Facebook

Here’s another story of complex relationships with a teenager who claimed to be ashamed of their parents. See how they resolved this issue.

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