I Want To Buy My Own House, but I Don’t Want My Husband To Have Any Rights to It

7 months ago

Building harmonious relationships in marriage is challenging, and it becomes even more complex when financial disagreements arise. Our reader reached out to us for help: she is planning to buy a house, but doesn’t want her husband to be a co-owner.

We decided to find out what our readers think about the situation. Many of them advised the woman to divorce her husband:

  • Her husband needs to grow up. It sounds like he is a spoiled child who as an adult relies on his parents. He does not act like your husband at all, move on and make your dream come true without him. © Jana Zita / Facebook
  • He made you sign a prenup, keeping finances separate. Now he wants to be part of your money but you can’t be a part of his. © Rae Taylor / Facebook
  • It is difficult to suggest the correct path to take when discussing this problem with a stranger- perhaps therapy can solve his problem or it may be that his irresponsibility and mean spirit will prevail. Be prepared to go it alone if necessary and do not be afraid to choose the correct path. There are worse things than living alone. © Beverley Stevens / Facebook
  • You lived with his parents because he didn’t want to leave his family home, not getting you are his family but that didn’t matter then. I’d divorce and run, what kind of father would he be? He’d take kids to his parents and leave you in a second. What’ll happen once his parents pass on, he’ll divorce you because he’ll have their house and money, so now or later? © Mary E Ward / Facebook
  • She didn’t mention if kids are involved. If no kids, sounds like an entitled kid that grew up to be an adult. If there was a prenup keep your money separate. He doesn’t get to leech off the parents and then you to. It sounds like he is basically saying is he doesn’t want to leave the comfort of where his parents do everything for him to live solely with you unless you take over the parenting role and take care of him. Seems like you see the writing on the wall. You got into something that you should have never accepted to begin with. Why not just go get the house on your own and lay ground rules for what has to change for him to come along? Likely he will just stay with his parents anyways rather than grow up and mature to be an equal partner in life. © Joel Owens / Facebook

Perhaps our reader will be able to avoid divorce and find a compromise with her husband. And maybe the husband will finally mature and take on responsibilities.


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