Ian Somerhalder’s Wife Had a Bright Idea to Leave Hollywood and Now They Live in a Farm

6 months ago

Celebrities like Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have ditched the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for a quieter life on the farm. Known for their roles in popular TV shows and movies, this power couple has taken up a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. They’ve set up their own farm where they grow organic produce using environmentally friendly methods.

Ian and Nikki have an adorable family.

It’s almost like Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed were meant to be together, considering their most famous roles. Ian, most known for The Vampire Diaries, and Nikki, who played Rosalie in Twilight, have been married for over 8 years at this point.

Funny enough, the famous actor was always drawn to women, who have portrayed vampires in media. He was first rumored to have dated Ashley Greene, Reed’s Twilight co-star, and was later in a long-term relationship with his TVD love interest Nina Dobrev.

But it was Nikki, who conquered Ian’s heart for good. They were first linked in 2014 and within a year of dating, the couple tied the knot.

The lovebirds also didn’t wait too long to start a family. In 2017, Reed gave birth to their first daughter. Their boy, however, took a little bit more time. Nikki revealed that she and Ian welcomed a son in June 2023. For now, it seems like their family is complete, but who knows what the future holds.

Nikki initiated their move to countryside.

Although Reed was raised as a city girl, she admits that she was always drawn to wildlife and her mom allowed her to “bring home any animal” she could find. A turning point happened when the couple welcomed their first child. Nikki says it was the push she needed to move to nature: “I made a conscious choice to give my child the most normal life possible.”

Luckily, Somerhalder fully shared his wife’s aspirations and love for nature, and moved without any hesitation. He says that many people are starting to realize that chaos of everyday life isn’t good for them and tend to spend more time outdoors. The actor admits that he’s one of those people: “[It’s been] magic. It’s really the way it’s always supposed to have been.”

They are passionate about animals and environment.

Nikki and Ian are taking care of more than 15 farm animals on their property, but they want to save even more. In 2010, Somerhalder launched his own foundation with the goal of educating people about how much our environment and its wildlife need protection.

His wife is also an active animal rights advocate and was even honored by ASPCA for her work promoting animal welfare. In addition, Nikki is a co-founder of a company that makes jewelry from recycled materials called BaYou With Love.

And make their own home as ecological as possible.

Ian installed different environmental tools with his own hands. For example, garage doors that can work from solar energy.

Making farm dinners for their friends and family. Nikki shared: “Creating a space to host my dream dinner party has been so much fun. Truth be told, there is nothing like gathering around a dinner table to share a meal with people you love regardless of the setting, but it sure is nice to sit around this gorgeous artisan made table in the orchard with the pops of a fire lit right beside us and some yummy food!”

Ian and Nikki want to inspire others to care for the planet and make choices that are good for the environment. So, whether they’re posting on social media or speaking out in public, this couple, like some other celebrities, is all about living a down-to-earth life that’s good for their family and the world around them.


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