Influencer Explains Why She Got Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed on Forehead

6 months ago

Unfazed by societal norms, this influencer expresses love by tattooing her boyfriend’s name on her forehead. However, as social media weighs in, the conversation takes a sharp turn. Some people question the authenticity of the influencer’s forehead tattoo, while others place blame on her boyfriend. Despite these challenges, she stands firm and courageously defends her decision.

She recorded the tattooing process.

The video starts with Ana delicately having the stencil of her boyfriend Kevin’s name drawn on the upper part of her face. As the camera rolls, she takes a seat in a tattoo artist’s chair, prepared to transform the temporary artwork into a more permanent statement.

The footage captures Ana’s mixed emotions as the needle begins its work, seemingly digging into her forehead. Throughout the process, she squirms and frowns, offering a glimpse into the discomfort she experiences during this unusual tattoo endeavor.

The comments are heated.

Ana Stanskovsky’s surprising choice to tattoo her boyfriend’s name on her forehead has sparked a variety of responses from her followers. One user offered a humorous solution, commenting, "When u need to cover it DM me ."Another skeptic questioned the video’s authenticity, saying, “This is obviously fake. There is no needle coming down in the close-ups, just the plastic part of the gun against her skin. Also, there is no redness, no swelling, no bleeding, and no wiping of ink/blood during the process.”

A tattoo artist shared a professional perspective, stating, “As a tattoo artist... I’d NEVER do this to another human being.” Amidst the commentary, a more lighthearted suggestion emerged, with someone advising, “If u want to prove to him u care, make him a cup of tea in the morning darling .”

She has zero regrets.

Despite the multitude of voices foreseeing potential regret in the future, especially if Ana’s relationship with Kevin doesn’t stand the test of time, Ana has opted to confront the criticism head-on. She confidently stated that her choices are personal and added, “Everyone was saying to me, I will regret that, and every time I’m looking in the mirror I’m just like... I’m in love.”

In a recent video, she passionately shared her feelings, expressing, “I’m in love with the tattoo, and I’m in love with my boyfriend, and I think if you really love someone you just got to show know, you just got to prove it.”

To Ana, the tattoo represents a lasting connection. Meanwhile, in a different corner of the world, a woman who had her face tattooed against her will by her ex receives a transformative offer from a kind stranger.

Preview photo credit ana_stanskovsky / Instagram


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