The Wolf Man Tires of Being a “Freak”, Yet Faces Struggles in Seeking a Job Beyond the Circus

9 months ago

Jesús Aceves experiences hypertrichosis, a condition that leads to excessive hair growth on his face and back. Due to this condition, he has earned the nickname The Wolf Man. However, he is now determined to shed this moniker and pursue a more ordinary life.

Introducing Jesús Aceves, a 55-year-old man who was born with hypertrichosis, a rare condition characterized by excessive hair growth, particularly on his face and body. Despite being married and having children, Jesús has expressed dissatisfaction with his current living situation, citing experiences of discrimination both for himself and his family. In a recent interview, one of his kids revealed, “People call me names, and they even tell their kids not to be my friends.”

Having spent his entire life working in the circus and touring various cities, Jesús Aceves had grown weary of being regarded as an oddity, earning himself the moniker “The Wolf Man” due to his hypertrichosis.

Now back in his hometown and no longer part of the circus, he faces a new challenge: seeking conventional employment. This transition is essential to provide for his family, especially since his wife works in temporary jobs.

After enduring a series of unsuccessful job interviews, Jesús reluctantly decided to explore an option he had consistently avoided: shaving his face. Placing his trust in the skilled hands of his family’s barber, he embarked on a transformative journey, which even involved crafting eyebrows and lashes.

This undertaking proved to be a challenging ordeal, given the heightened sensitivity of the facial area. However, both he and his wife held onto the belief that by simply shaving, he might increase his chances of securing stable employment.

Having undergone numerous job interviews, Jesús now holds a newfound confidence that he will secure alternative employment outside the circus. If this opportunity materializes, he understands that he will need to commit to a rigorous routine of shaving his face every two days to maintain his transformed appearance.

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