Julia Louis-Dreyfus Defies Society by Getting Younger and Bolder Every Year

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Having garnered 27 awards for her exceptional performances in Seinfeld, Veep, and other notable projects, alongside triumphing over breast cancer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on a mission to empower older women to rediscover their voices. Embracing a “pro-aging” stance, the actress aims to convey the message that age is not a hindrance; rather, it represents more time to accomplish remarkable feats in one’s life. Through her experiences and advocacy, Louis-Dreyfus encourages others to see the potential and vitality that comes with aging.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus achieved success in Hollywood through her comedic talents.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus stands as one of the most iconic female comedians of her generation, consistently bringing laughter to audiences even in her sixties. Her career kicked off as a Saturday Night Live cast member in the ’80s, alongside comedy legends such as Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Martin Short, and others. However, her triumphant ascent to fame truly began with Seinfeld, the legendary sitcom that earned her numerous accolades, including Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and American Comedy Awards, solidifying her status as a comedic powerhouse.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus stands out as one of the few actors who can proudly claim to be part of not just one but two of the most successful television shows. Firstly, with Seinfeld, and later with Veep. The satire, featuring Louis-Dreyfus in a leading role, achieved massive success, earning her Primetime Emmy Awards for six consecutive years from 2012 to 2017 as a Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. In total, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been a triumphant winner 27 times in her illustrious career.

Experiencing a health scare caused her to reconsider her perspective on aging.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s last Emmy win for her performance on Veep marked a calm moment before a significant challenge. Just a day after receiving the accolade, she received the news of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The comedian candidly shared that her initial reaction was a mix of laughter, followed by becoming hysterical and crying due to fear. However, she faced cancer with tremendous resilience. The actress underwent a double mastectomy and endured six rounds of chemotherapy. By 2018, she had successfully overcome the battle and was declared officially cancer-free.

The entire experience brought about a new awakening and appreciation for life in Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She expressed, “I’m just so happy to be here, you know. I think I’m enjoying things more.” Following this revelation, the Veep star has become outspoken about her pro-aging stance, serving as an inspiration to women everywhere.

She fights against ageism in the industry.

As Julia Louis-Dreyfus entered her sixties, she observed a distinct change in the way older women are treated in Hollywood and society at large. Reflecting on this, she commented, “Older women are very much made invisible in our culture. And that’s tragic.” The actress credited Jane Fonda’s documentary, “Jane Fonda in Five Acts,” as an inspiration to speak out. Louis-Dreyfus realized that she didn’t want to rest on her already numerous accomplishments. She expressed, “I’m loving it. I want to have my health, keep doing really cool gigs, and make new friends along the way.”

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Furthermore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been vocal about welcoming the aging process with open arms. She shared an encounter with 81-year-old writer Isabel Allende, who left a lasting impression on the actress with her mindset. Louis-Dreyfus explained, “She just does whatever she wants. She is completely unburdened in a way that she was not when she was younger, and she went on and on.” Reflecting on the inspiration she gained from the writer, Louis-Dreyfus expressed, “And I said to her, ’Isabel, I can’t wait to be 83.’ I mean, for real.”

Everyone has access to her beauty secrets.

Remaining highly active in her career, Julia Louis-Dreyfus regularly features in multiple movies each year and has even joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Given her busy schedule, the actress places a significant emphasis on maintaining her health. Despite the challenges of filming, she ensures she eats nutritious snacks and engages in physical activity. Louis-Dreyfus expressed, “Besides hiking, I like spin classes... I think it’s so important, and anyone feels better after they do it.”


Her most significant advice for women of her age is to use makeup sparingly. “Less truly is more, especially when it comes to makeup. I’ve found that a huge mistake you can easily make that ages you instantly is putting on too heavy a foundation. All it does is define the lines you have,” shared the actress.

We’ll be sure to keep her words in mind. If you’re looking for additional tips on navigating the aging process with grace, we recommend exploring Goldie Hawn’s proven methods here.

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