Kristen Bell, 43, Spills the Beans on What She Does to Look Almost Like a Teenager

9 months ago

Kristen Bell, the renowned actress celebrated for her luminous skin, has unveiled an extraordinary twist to her morning regimen that challenges traditional norms. In a remarkable revelation, she discloses that she abstains from washing her face in the morning while effortlessly preserving a youthful glow even in her forties. With the utmost transparency, the actress openly divulges her captivating skincare preferences that contribute to her enduringly radiant and revitalized complexion.

She prioritizes good sleep.

Ensuring you have a restful night’s sleep is crucial for your overall well-being and can contribute to various beauty advantages. Recognizing the significance of beauty sleep, the actress emphasized, “What’s really important is getting sleep... If I’m sleep-deprived, my skin looks terrible.”

She loves DIY products.

Many mainstream skincare products frequently include harmful synthetic ingredients that can negatively impact the well-being of your skin. Bell actively avoids these harsh chemicals and, instead, chooses to utilize Manuka honey and sugar to attain smooth and well-hydrated skin.

Describing the benefits of Manuka honey, the actress emphasized its antibacterial properties. “I wash my face with it,” she added. Additionally, she incorporates a small amount of sugar into her mask, resulting in a pleasantly softening effect on her skin.

She washes her face once a day.

According to dermatologists, excessive face washing can lead to dry skin and heighten the risk of premature wrinkles, and the actress seems to be well aware of this. Bell shares her belief that there is no necessity to cleanse the face first thing in the morning. “I believe in washing all of the grime off of your face at night, and I always like clean skin, but the oils that my skin produces during the night are vital to maintaining my moisture balance during the day. I don’t ever want to strip my own natural oils in the morning by washing,” she revealed.

She eats healthy.

Irrespective of the price tag attached to skincare products, their effectiveness can be compromised if you neglect your dietary choices. Bell emphasizes her commitment to reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods.

“We’re trying to do no gluten, no grains, no lectins, no nightshades, no dairy. I already don’t eat meat,” she revealed. “I’m a big believer in skin from the inside out. I don’t believe the ’cure’ should be outside in,” she further explained.

She chooses to use mild skincare products.

Harmful ingredients in skincare products, like parabens, can have adverse effects on your health and potentially trigger allergic reactions. Bell emphasizes her diligent approach of reading labels carefully when selecting beauty products.

“I’m not putting any harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, petroleum, or dyes on my skin, but I’m getting the same results as everyone else. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing how important moisture is to my skin,” she explained. The actress specifically opts for moisturizers that incorporate hyaluronic acid because “hyaluronic acid is how your body naturally gets moisture.”

Kristen Bell not only imparts skincare guidelines but also embodies self-confidence, as she is among those celebrities who frequently share makeup-free photos with their fans.


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