Meet the 2-Week-Old Baby Who’s Already Potty-Trained: How One Family Used Elimination Communication

6 months ago

Most parents start thinking about potty training when their child is between 18 and 24 months old. But one couple from Byron Bay, Australia, claims that they taught their daughter to use the toilet at just two weeks old, using a very interesting technique.

They documented their journey on YouTube.

Montana Lower and Tom Linwood, who run the YouTube channel ‘On The Way by Montana Lower’, shared their story and tips with their followers, and sparked a heated debate online. Some praised them for their eco-friendly and empowering approach, while others questioned the safety and feasibility of their method.

The technique they used is called the elimination communication.

EC is a method of potty training that involves observing and responding to your baby’s cues for elimination, such as squirming, grunting, or fussing. You can hold your baby over a potty, a toilet, a sink, or even a bowl, and make a sound or a gesture to signal that it’s time to go. The goal is to help your baby associate the feeling of needing to go with the act of going, and to avoid using diapers as much as possible.
The elimination communication is not a new concept, but rather a traditional practice that is still common in many parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Many parents who use EC claim that their babies can be potty trained by 18 months old, or even earlier. However, there is not much scientific evidence to support the effectiveness or the benefits of EC, and some experts warn that it may cause stress, frustration, or unrealistic expectations for both parents and babies.

This is how the couple did it.

Lower and Linwood said that they decided to try EC after doing some research and finding out that it was a common practice in other cultures. They said that they noticed their daughter Blue’s cues for needing to go to the toilet, and took her to a plastic container that they used as a potty. They said that Blue learned to use the potty in one day, when she was two weeks old, and that she hasn’t pooed in a diaper since then.

The couple said that they still use diapers as a backup, but that they rarely need them. They said that EC has helped them save money and reduce waste, as well as enhance their bond and communication with their daughter. They also said that their daughter is more independent and confident, and that she will not have to unlearn using diapers later.

They shared some tips for other parents who want to try EC, such as dressing the baby in easy-to-remove clothes, getting a portable potty, and taking the baby to the toilet even if they are not sure if they need to go. They also advised starting EC in the summer, when it is easier to keep the baby dry and comfortable.

Some people praised the couple for their innovative and natural way of potty training, and said that they would try it with their own babies. Others were skeptical or critical, and said that EC was too demanding, risky, or unnecessary.
Some of the comments were:

  • “She honestly just looks like the happiest little baby on earth. I can see how supported, safe and joyful she feels in all your videos and its so gorgeous.”
  • “When I worked in an infant room at daycare, I had a baby come to daycare at 7 months who was potty trained!! Their parents had taught them to associate a hand gesture (opening and closing fist) when they had to go to the potty, so then when she came to daycare and used the hand gesture, we would know she had to go!! It was really awesome!! Accidents did happen because it can be difficult to notice the gesture when you’re dealing with so many infants at once. But it’s totally doable at Daycare’s as well!.”
  • “We started to do EC at 3m with my daughter. She was out cloth nappies at home at 12m and completely in undies at 16m at day/night/childcare. Shes now 22m and just learnt to pull her pants down and able to toilet herself independently (does need help with wiping her butt tho). Honestly, EC has been the greatest blessing for us especially connection-wise.”
  • “It’s funny how quickly I went from ’wait, WHAT?’ to ’oh, of course!’. You explained this really well and this makes so much sense. I admire you for doing something against the Western norm, glad it’s worked so well for you.”
  • “Well done! Proud to say we started EC’ing our little one at birth and since 7 months, we have had almost zero poop diapers! (Only exception is on long car rides) To be poop trained by 7 months was great timing for us since that is when we started solids — we cloth diaper and never had to purchase a diaper sprayer!”

The couple said that they respect everyone’s opinions and that they are not trying to force anyone to do EC. They said that they are just sharing their experience and that they are happy with their choice. They also added that they are open to learning from other parents and that they are always looking for ways to improve their parenting skills.

While our minds are still buzzing with the incredible feat of the 2-week-old diaper ditcher, brace yourselves for an even more astonishing journey as we unravel the extraordinary story of a 3-day-old newborn who defies the odds by not just crawling but also lifting their head and, unbelievably, beginning to talk. The wonders of infancy continue to leave us in awe!


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