19 Unreal Coincidences That No Probability Theory Could Predict

year ago

We can calculate the probability of 2 events occurring together with the help of mathematics. But sometimes coincidences are so unexpected that no formula could help in predicting them. How can you actually calculate that your new dog will match the color of your carpet, or that the furniture at the dentist’s office will match the color of your clothes?

“My sneakers match the carpet at work.”

“I found a pair of earrings at a thrift store that perfectly matches the pattern of my dress.”

“I was looking for my shaving bag for 10 minutes.”

“My mom’s friend found someone who completed her ensemble.”

  • I like how the one on the left is casually enjoying the moment while the one on the right looks like she’s having the best day of her entire life. © Mr_Sterence66 / Reddit

“The ink from my date stamp at work exploded on my shirt, and the material formed the droplets into little stars.”

This stripe of ivy in an alley where 2 buildings let some light through

“He loves to hide behind the shower curtain, and this time, it lined up perfectly!”

“The refraction rainbow from my glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink.”

“My wife looked out of our living room window and saw that the TV screen reflection lined up perfectly with her car.”

“I could recreate an equivalent reaction. All I need is a tarantula.”

“I accidentally dressed like the chair at my dentist appointment today.”

“This bumblebee lined up perfectly with the stitches on my shoe.”

“Hug me, I’m scared.”

“We found a stray dog, and he mostly matches our carpet.”

Oooooh, I love the doggy. I hope you kept him. Perhaps he's a stray because he was abused.


“My TV and curtains lined up perfectly.”


“I was trying to take a photo of the guy in the costume when a person with the opposite colors walked into the frame.”

“My next door neighbor is returning the same TV stand on the same day.”

“My French bulldog’s butt looks like a koala.”

“My husband took this photo of me when I was passing him a pencil.”

These photos were shared by ordinary people who were struck by the coincidences that they came across. And we just love such photos, so we’ll be happy if you share your own in the comments below.

Preview photo credit kitschier / Reddit


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