My In-Laws Didn’t Invite My Children to Family Dinner, Disparagingly Calling Them “Baggage”

3 weeks ago

Our reader Nadine sent us an emotional letter. The fact is that her in-laws invited the whole family over for dinner, leaving her children out. To make matters worse, her husband knew this and approved of this behavior.

This is Nadine’s letter.

Leave those A-holes. ,Your husband and in-laws just showed their true selves. Your children will never be accepted into the "family" as well as you realize this.
I personally would have left the place immediately and said that if my children are not welcome, neither am I. After this I would contact a lawyer and prepare the divorce papers.
He will never accept your children, he tolerates them because of you, nothing else.


We decided to find out what readers think about this situation. All of them found the behavior of the husband and in-laws offensive.

  • I have a very short answer that I use on occasion, and that is. When people show you who they are, believe them. Whatever is said now and whatever apologies made, you know who they all are. © Linda Fawcett / Facebook
  • If my kids weren’t welcome at whatever function, I wouldn’t go either. © Sandy Freed / Facebook
  • I would have left straight away and if my husband didn’t follow, I would have finished my marriage, when it comes to my kids no one wins over them. © Liz Russell Flaherty / Facebook
  • I’d ask my hit if he cared about me and the kids. And then I’d leave the restaurant with or without him. © Faye Birkbeck / Facebook
  • This happened to us for a wedding. Other kids were there. We drove 3 hours to get there, so we were stuck. That was 40 years ago. I never forgot. © Regina Mason / Facebook
  • My children come first, they are not baggage’s ... it does not matter if you’re blood or not, kindness should be organic. © M Otto Rittah Rxs / Facebook
  • I would seriously consider whether you stay with your husband, as he clearly hasn’t accepted your children. To say that they shouldn’t be at a family gathering because they’re not blood relatives, means he agrees with your in-laws. I can only imagine how your kids feel with their ‘so called’ dad, disowning them in this manner. © James Wood / Facebook

Conflict with in-laws is not uncommon. Here is the story of a young woman who decided to teach her insolent mother-in-law a lesson.

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