These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Women Based on Scientific Criteria

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You might have observed how some people appear to be more attractive than others. In fact, there exists a scientific explanation for this, because beauty in our world is often governed by the rule of the golden ratio. And even though the majority of celebrities are considered to be attractive by most people, here are the top 10 famous women who are the most beautiful according to science.

How to measure beauty mathematically

You need to find the length and width of the face, and then divide the first number by the second one. If the result is 1.62 (Phi number), the face is perfect.

You should take into account other measurements too, like the distance between the lower point of the chin and the tip of the nose, the distance between the tip of the nose and the point between the eyes, and the distance between the point between the eyes and the forehead hairline. If these 3 numbers are equal, this person is believed to be beautiful.

You can calculate other distances too (the perfect result is the same Phi number):

  • divide the width of the lips by their length;
  • divide the length of the nose by its width.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the following aspects. The length of the ear should be equal to the length of the nose, while the width of an eye should be equal to the gap between the eyes.

Dr. De Silva put together a list of famous women whose faces are close to perfection. To make it easier to understand, their beauty was calculated using a 100-point scale.

10th place — Cara Delevingne

The overall result: 89.99

Her lips and eyebrows scored the highest. Dr. De Silva said: “Cara’s unusually large forehead scored against her. She is famous for her very full eyebrows which are stunning and achieved top marks. Her lips are beautifully shaped and also came in on top.”

9th place — Katy Perry

Overall result: 90.08

Katy Perry scored highly for the position of her nose. “Katy scored very highly for her nose, but was let down by her chin,” Dr. De Silva added.

8th place — Natalie Portman

Overall result: 90.51

According to Dr. Julian De Silva, Natalie’s brow area let her down. “Natalie has perfectly positioned eyes but was let down by a low score for her brow area,” the surgeon stated.

7th place — Scarlett Johansson

Jean_Nelson /

Overall result: 90.91

Dr. De Silva said: “She had the highest marks (99.99) of all for the position of her eyes, but was let down by her face shape and thin eyebrows.”

6th place — Kate Moss

East News

Overall result: 91.05

Kate Moss scored highly on her forehead and eyebrows. The surgeon commented: “Kate had the second-highest marks for her eyebrows and one of the highest scores for her eye spacing, but she was let down by her chin.”

5th place — Taylor Swift

Overall result: 91.64

“Taylor scored very highly for her chin and lips, but was held back by a low score for her eyebrows,” Dr. De Silva said.

4th place — Ariana Grande

Overall result: 91.81

Dr. De Silva said: “Ariana scored highly for her forehead and chin. She was marked down for her eyebrows and the larger than average gap between the top of her lips and her nose.”

3rd place — Amber Heard


Overall result: 91.85

The shape of Amber’s nose and chin secured her 3rd place position on the list. “Amber has an ageless beauty,” Dr. De Silva shared.

2nd place — Beyoncé

Overall result: 92.44

Beyoncé scored highly on her forehead and brow area. “She had a perfect score for her face shape, but was marked down for her eyebrows and chin,” the surgeon commented.

1st place — Bella Hadid

Overall result: 94.35

Bella Hadid is the unconditional winner. Dr. De Silva said: “Bella has a stunning facial symmetry and a chin that is only 0.3% away from perfection. She also came second for her eye positioning. Her biggest weakness is in the brow area.”

Who is the most beautiful woman in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below.


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