“She’s 12 Years Old!” Victoria Beckham’s Daughter Sparks Controversy with “Provocative” Dress at Mom’s Birthday

2 months ago

The daughter of Victoria and David Beckham stirred up controversy when she showed up at her mom’s 50th birthday bash wearing a slip dress. Social media erupted, criticizing the outfit as unsuitable for her age.

I think it's a perfect dress for her. She looks lovely! Her mother on the other hand, with her crotch showing....not so much!


Fashion icon and former ’90s pop star Victoria Beckham marked her 50th birthday with a lavish feast. Joined by her husband, David Beckham, and their children — Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper — the celebration was one to remember.

After sharing family photos on Instagram, all eyes were on Harper’s exquisite slip dress. It stole the spotlight, sparking a flurry of comments and compliments.

Harper’s attire at Victoria’s birthday bash not only grabbed attention but also ignited spirited debates about fashion and dressing for one’s age. While some admired her ensemble as adorable, others thought it veered too mature for her years. Nevertheless, the divergent viewpoints fostered a sense of unity, injecting an additional dose of excitement into the festivities.

One person voiced worry, stating, “It’s a shame Harper wasn’t wearing something more age-appropriate, including shoes. She’s growing fast and will soon be taller than her mother.” Another reiterated this view, saying, “She is 12 years old... maybe something more suitable for her age to wear!” Yet another contributor to the discussion critiqued the dress selections, specifically Harper’s, noting, “Seriously bad dress choices. Harper’s outfit is odd for a 12-year-old; she’s having to bunch it up to avoid it being too revealing in the pictures...”

Remarkably, this isn’t the initial occasion where Harper Beckham’s attire has ignited fervent debates on the internet. Last year, the family commemorated Harper’s 12th birthday in grandeur, lavishing her with extravagant presents and arranging a modest gathering at the Prada Caffè.

Harper exhibited her distinctive fashion flair, exuding confidence in a lengthy lilac slip dress and accessorizing with a glittering bag valued at $2,700.

Victoria’s choice to post images of Harper at her Prada celebration sparked a cascade of remarks in the comments, with numerous individuals sharing their views on Harper’s slip dress and expressing apprehensions about its suitability for her age.

The comment section evolved into a forum for assertive viewpoints regarding Harper’s attire. One user penned, “That dress is inappropriate for a 12-year-old... Stop dressing her too maturely!” Another commented, “She’s a child in lingerie. It’s not appropriate.”

Shortly before that, another 12-year-old celebrity child’s outfit caused controversy online. The exquisite dress worn by Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, was considered inappropriate for her tender age by many commentators.

Preview photo credit victoriabeckham / Instagram


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