A Singer Whose Body Was Mostly Burned by Electrocution Is Embracing His Unique New Look

7 months ago

Axel Schylström, a 30-year-old singer, has embarked on an extraordinary life path. At the age of 19, he endured a harrowing experience when he was subjected to a 16,000-volt electric shock, leaving him with burns covering 70% of his body. Today, he has not only come to accept his appearance but has also learned to embrace it. However, this journey was far from effortless.

The incident that changed his life forever.

Axel Schylström’s life took a tragic turn due to a harrowing incident during his subway surfing adventure. At the age of 19, he had a fateful encounter with power lines, leading to a devastating electric shock that left him with extensive burns covering the majority of his body and severely affecting half of his face.

Realizing he would never look the same way again.

The accident left him in a life-or-death struggle, and the path to recovery proved to be an arduous journey. He remembered that in the initial month as a burn survivor, his foremost priority was simply staying alive. Nevertheless, the most difficult realization dawned upon him when he came to terms with the fact that his appearance would be forever altered.

The bloom of his music career.

However, amidst the challenges and changes, there was a glimmer of hope. Spending countless hours immersed in music during his hospital recovery, Axel made a life-altering decision to audition for the Swedish version of American Idol. Against the odds, his dream materialized, and he achieved an impressive fourth place in the competition.

Looking back, Axel vividly recalls the profound transformation in his mindset, a shift from self-doubt to boundless confidence. Prior to stepping onto the television stage, he had been plagued by deep shame, often retreating indoors and avoiding mirrors, unable to confront his altered reflection. Yet, in a remarkable twist of fate, he found himself center stage, captivating the gaze of millions of viewers.

Now, Axel’s earnest desire is to serve as an inspiration to others.

In the present day, Axel adeptly balances his career as a singer with his role as a motivational speaker, driven by a profound desire to ignite hope within fellow burn survivors. Having embarked on his own journey towards self-love, he is determined to guide others along a similar path. His message is straightforward and poignant: “True beauty emanates from the love you hold for yourself.”

In Axel’s perspective, external appearance holds little significance compared to the internal perception of oneself. He firmly believes, “I don’t think it really matters how you look. It’s about how you look at yourself. It’s ok to be different,”

Another remarkable source of inspiration is Katie Piper, who not only survived a horrific acid attack but also discovered the inner strength to wholeheartedly embrace her transformed appearance and commence life anew.


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