The Reason Jennifer Aniston’s Face Has Suddenly Started Looking Different These Days

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Since rising to fame in the mid-1990s, Jennifer Aniston has been adored not only as an award-winning actress but also as a beauty and style icon. Recently, there have been rumors and speculations that the 55-year-old star might have undergone additional cosmetic procedures, with some fans noting that she appears “different” these days.

A doctor points out that some of her beauty procedures were not done correctly.

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Not a good look! She was pretty before - why do they always be BEAUTIFUL!!! I guess that's the nature of the beast.


A recent interview with Dr. Justin Harper addresses these rumors. Dr. Harper speculated on various treatments Jennifer might have received over the years, sharing his expert opinion on her evolving look.

Dr. Justin Harper highlighted a noticeable transformation when comparing photos of Jennifer from different years. He remarked that while Jennifer previously had commendable cosmetic enhancements, recent changes suggest she may have received excessive treatments. Dr. Harper specifically noted that Jennifer had visible nasolabial folds in her younger years, which have since diminished.

Her mouth area appears flattened.

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Dr. Harper also noted a “flatness” around her mouth, which he attributed to excessive use of nasolabial filler. He pointed out that in the past, many celebrities concentrated on enhancing their lip borders, which he considers to be a mistaken approach. Instead, he suggests placing filler “on the inside” for a more natural appearance.

According to him, Jennifer’s lips now appear “wider,” contributing to a more “masculine” appearance.
He explained that prominent cheek mounds or circles at rest indicate poorly administered filler. He added that Jennifer’s smile now causes noticeable mounds on her cheeks, which he compared to “chipmunk cheeks.”

Jennifer Aniston acknowledges that she has experimented with modern beauty procedures.

Jennifer Aniston has been candid about her experience with cosmetic surgery, admitting to having received Botox, fillers, and a nose job. She explained that she opted for Botox and fillers at a point where she didn’t feel like herself anymore.

Apart from these procedures, Jennifer Aniston’s changing appearance can also be attributed to natural aging. At 55 years old, her face naturally evolves as she ages and her body undergoes changes. It’s essential to recognize that celebrities, like everyone else, strive to look their best but are not flawless in terms of their appearance.

Fans sympathize with Jennifer Aniston’s industry pressure regarding beauty standards.

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Dr. Harper also discussed the wider implications of these procedures, emphasizing how the pressure to maintain a youthful appearance in Hollywood can often push stars to undergo excessive cosmetic enhancements. He suggested this could be the case with Jennifer, as she endeavors to meet the industry’s beauty standards.

Fans have varied reactions to these revelations. Some express concern that Jennifer might be altering her natural beauty excessively, while others empathize with the pressures she navigates and stand by her decisions. Despite differing opinions, one fact remains undeniable: Jennifer Aniston continues to captivate audiences, whether through her acting prowess or her enduring beauty.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, fans delighted in Meg Ryan’s changed appearance. Known for years as a devotee of plastic surgery, many noticed she began to look much “more natural.”

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