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Now I've Seen Everything

16 Gems Found in Thrift Stores That Show How Interior Design Can Be Cheap and Stylish

In the past, it was believed that only non-wealthy people would visit thrift stores and buy clothing and other items. However, in recent years, more and more people from all walks of life visit these stores for their clothing. However, it’s not just clothes that people search for here, but also furniture, decorative items, and accessories. And it’s incredible how some people have found extremely cheap vintage items that would normally cost 10 times more.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 16 absolutely magnificent thrift store discoveries that are not only affordable but also super stylish.

1. “Found this unused and still in plastic iPod seventh generation for $14.50.”

2. “Here’s a $9 thrifted walnut dresser for my daughter’s room, definitely one of my favorite finds.”

3. “I’m in shock. They want only $30 for this mirror.”

4. “I found this for $15.”

5. “I couldn’t say no to this chair for $20.”

6. “Best $1.99 I’ve spent in a loooong time”

7. “The chair of my dreams for $10”

8. “I found this 1930s Art Deco milk glass ace lamp at the thrift store for $6! I saw one being sold online for almost $400!”

9. “We’ve been looking for a good rocker, and my wife finally found one today! Just $13!”

10. “I just bought this 9-year-old sofa in perfect condition and I’m so happy.”

  • I think it was around €2,000 ($2,219) new, the sellers told me, and I got it for €300 ($332). Super happy with this deal.

11. “It took me about 10 years to get this room where I want it to be. Every lamp and piece of furniture is a thrift store find. Nothing over $100!”

12. “These thrifted rattan shelves for $30 are my favorite find so far.”

13. “This find for $1”

14. “It’s a great find for $50. It resembles a simple wardrobe, but it becomes a comfortable bed within a few minutes.”

15. “A shelf for $14”

16. “A rain lamp find for $15.99”

Did you ever find treasure at thrift stores? How much did your favorite find cost and was it as useful as it was beautiful?

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