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10 Smart Ways to Use Clothes to Your Best Advantage

The human body has so many different shapes and forms and that’s why it is so amazing and unique. So, with that in mind, not all types of clothes suit each and every body. In order to find what looks best on you, you need to try different things and see what sticks. Not only that, but you can reuse pieces that you’re not using anymore and make something completely different.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks that there are many simple yet smart ways to dress according to your body’s needs and we are about to show you 10 of them.

1. How to dress if you have knock knees

How to dress:

  • If you want to shift the focus away from the gap between your calves, you can stick to straight or wide-leg trousers and jeans with a boot-cut or flare. But avoid capri pants, stretchy pants, or skinny jeans.
  • Trumpet skirts are also a good choice because they flare out at the hem. Straight, tight-fitted, and mini skirts, in general, aren’t a good option. You can also opt for tulle, flowing, mid-calf skirts, and maxis with slits.
  • Surprising as it may sound, drawing more attention to the parts you love most may become a life-saver. For example, you can highlight the upper half of your body with makeup, a fun hairstyle, and accessories, such as a lovely scarf, earrings, or a hat to shift the focus away from your legs. You can also go for knee-high boots.

2. How to wear different t-shirt styles

  • The classic or traditional fit emphasizes comfort and movement. This one features dropped shoulders and a straight cut that conveys a relaxed look and attitude. The style is versatile for both pairing with other pieces and looking good on any body type.
  • regular fit T-shirt generally fits comfortably around the body and leaves room that allows for comfort. Classic semi-fitted T-shirts in the right size are loose-fitting, but not too loose to the point of looking overdone. This is the ideal choice, whether you want formal or casual attire.
  • The slim-fit T-shirt fits the body shape. The goal of this shirt is to highlight the figure. If you are fit and a gym fanatic, this is definitely the style for you.

3. How V-necklines flatter many different body shapes

neckline that highlights the bust. It works perfectly on people with heart-shaped and apple-shaped bodies. It also flatters those with a rectangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle body type. The secret to this neckline is to choose the right depth of the cut. If you have smaller breasts, go with a less risky cut. If you have larger breasts choose a deeper V-neck, that will emphasize your bust and balance your silhouette.

3. How to opt for a V-neck or a bardot neckline if you want to appear slimmer

Both necklines can add length to your neck and make your collarbone visible, drawing attention to a slim area of your body. The V-neckline elongates your body and it doesn’t matter what your height or size is. Both styles are great for full-figured or pear-shaped women with broad shoulders.

4. How to convert your mini skirt into a top

  • You’ll need: a mini skirt and a pair of scissors
  • How to do it:
  1. Put on your skirt and have the scissors ready.
  2. Make a cut or slit from the side using the scissors so that your arm can go through.
  3. Gently insert your arm into it, and pull it all up above your shoulder.
  4. Fold the wide skirt part over your shoulder and adjust it to fit comfortably.

6. How to convert your shirt into a blouse

  • You’ll need: a shirt with buttons
  • How to do it:
  1. Take one arm out and rest it over the collar part of your shirt.
  2. Start buttoning it up from the top.
  3. Take the dangling sleeve and bring it together with the bottom wing of the shirt.
  4. Tie them in a cute, simple knot.

7. How to choose square necklines if your body is pear-shaped

This style gives off a classy and vintage vibe. It highlights the neck and the collar bones. This type of neckline is very flattering on those with pear-shaped bodies. It also works for people with an hourglass body shape and for those with an apple-shaped body type. This type of neckline shows off the collarbones without being too revealing and it creates a curvy silhouette.

8. How to nail the boho-chic style

  • Natural materials: cotton, linen, silk, leather, suede, and fur
  • Earthy natural colors like beige, brown, earthy red, white, ochre, orange, and dark green
  • Design elements like tassels and fringes found on shoes, skirts, bags, jackets, shawls, and tops; earrings with feathers, bracelets with coins, shell chokers, and jewelry worn in many layers
  • Long maxi skirts and maxi dresses
  • The layering of clothing and accessories, free-flowing silhouettes, light blouses and dresses, loose clothing paired with ripped jeans
  • Beaded sandals, clogs shoes, roman sandals, ankle boots, and cowboy boots
  • For men: patterned shorts, jeans, and shirts, rolled-up sleeves, a few open buttons, accessories made from natural materials, bracelets made of wooden beads, along with hats, scarves, necklaces, and unbuttoned vests

9. How to nail the nautical style

  • The main colors of the nautical style are dark blue, white, and red. Also, an outfit may include light brown shades, mainly in accessories that resemble nautical ropes.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and made from natural materials with good grip. These are shoes that are easy to put on and take off, and they give the nautical style a casual touch. These can be sandals or espadrilles for women and deck shoes for men.

10. How to convert your T-shirt into a crop top

  • You’ll need: an oversized or baggy T-shirt and an elastic hair tie or band
  • How to do it:
  1. Bring the sides to the front.
  2. Tie the T-shirt with an elastic hairband.
  3. Hold the long end, insert it through the collar, and pull it with your other hand. Repeat this one more time.
  4. Adjust the shoulders down if you wish.

Have you already tried any of these tips and have you noticed a difference in how your body looks?

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