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15+ People Who Prove That Bright Makeup Can Brighten Up Your Day

Expressing yourself through creative means is something that is necessary to do, according to psychologists. Things like dancing, crafting, or doing sports helps us be in tune with our emotions and bodies and also reduce stress, even if it might seem scary at first because showing your true passions and interests might make us vulnerable.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to introduce you to our today’s heroes who chose makeup for expressing themselves artistically and who let beauty make their lives and the lives of people around them brighter.

“Created this look being in a creative funk”

“Tried a butterfly look!”

“Burgundy and gold desi wedding guest makeup”

“Wanted to share my Valentine’s Day makeup”

“Post-breakup makeover look”

“14 going on 40 and I’ve had the same makeup look forever.”

“Symmetry is hard but I’m feeling magical.”

“Experimenting with using just one color (for the most part)”

“First attempt at butterfly liner! Definitely uneven because I have no patience.”

“Any other WandaVision fans??? Might be one of my favorite ones I’ve done.”

“Feeling like a bag of Skittles”

“Colorful eyeshadow and blush because it’s finally over 50 degrees outside.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Holi (Indian festival of colors) inspired makeup look”

“Sometimes I forget how good purple shadow looks on brown/hazel eyes.”

“Wore this to the mall”

“Please excuse my tired face!”

“Finally felt confident enough to wear makeup to the gym.”

Do you do your own makeup or do you prefer to get it done by professionals?

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