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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Photos Proving That Time Does Fly Like an Arrow

We are usually so busy with our everyday lives, that we don’t really notice how fast time flies. It’s only when we put old and new photos side-by-side that we grasp how much we, and our surroundings, have changed. And maybe when we realize that time does not wait for anyone, we would have a renewed appreciation for it and we’ll learn to spend it on things that really matter.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 18 then-and-now photos that could trigger nostalgic emotions, and perhaps remind you of your own life journey as well.

1. “The family car and me, 20 years apart”

2. ’’Occasionally my brother and I recreate 30-year-old photos.’’

3. ’’We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are, 21 years later.’’

4. “My grandpa aged better than me.”

5. ’’My pup and me, 4 years apart’’

6. “Same campus, 20 years apart. College junior, now a mom of two.”

7. ’’The day we brought our puppy home a year ago vs now’’

8. ’’My grandpa will be 81 this year, and he’s stronger than most people I know.’’

9. ’’After almost 20 years with me, I found a nearly new one’’

10. “After 10 years of marriage, I renewed my vows with my high school sweetheart.”

11. ’’My pittie, 10 years apart’’

12. “Cousins — about 12 yrs apart”

13. ’’Here’s Patrick, 8 years apart’’

14. ’’My mom in the same place, 65 years apart’’

15. ’’My baby boy grew up so fast’’

16. ’’On my prom day and wedding day, 16 years apart. My cat is now 19 and she’s still my favorite girl.’’

17. ’’Not even a year has passed’’

18. “Me (in the red dress) in 1982 visiting a farm, and me today in 2022 working on that same farm.”

Do you often go back to your old family photos? Do you think that, even though time inevitably changes us from the outside, there is a part of us that forever stays the same?

Preview photo credit GGAllinPartridge/Reddit
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