15 Curious Stories That Prove the Truth Will Out No Matter What

year ago

  • Some guy was writing derogatory comments under my posts. He claimed in several answers to have a Ph.D., and he also named the university where he studied. The funniest thing is that I also studied at this university, and we graduated from it the same year, 1979. We even had the same field of study. But I never met him. The guy even posted his Ph.D. certificate. But something was wrong there, and it took me some time to figure out what exactly. The font! One of the fonts he used on his Ph.D. certificate from 1979 wasn’t designed until 1982. © Ian Williams / Quora
  • A year ago, I found out that my husband had 2 children from 2 other women while we were still married. He agreed with them to pay support money every month if they didn’t reveal that he was the father. Once, he delayed the payment, and one of them called me and told me everything. I met those women and their children — they were the spitting image of him. Our younger son was 5 at the time. Those women hadn’t known about me before they got pregnant. They are all nice women, we keep in touch, and our children have become friends. My ex-husband got married again, and his wife is pregnant now. So, it seems that a new member will join our club soon.
  • My sister called her boyfriend and asked him to drive her to the mall. He said that he was busy. Then my sister winked at me and started fake crying. He tried to calm her down, but she still went on with her comedy. At one point, she said through sobs that she needed a tissue and put him on hold. Then she turned to me and said, “I always get my way.” And at this moment, her boyfriend entered the room, our mom let him in. So he actually witnessed everything. © Victoria Baker / Quora
  • I had a friend (let’s call him Tom), and he started dating a girl. Their relationship looked like this: he worked and supported her, and she had some random jobs and spent all her free time playing some online game. Once, Tom came home and saw her text messages on the computer screen. It turned out she had an affair with some guy from this online game.
  • In researching for a genealogy project, I was able to find out quite a lot of secrets in my family and the families of others. Here is one. A cousin and his wife were married a year earlier than they told their children, all of which sent me the info that they were married a year and 3 months before the eldest child was born. However, his sister’s accounting said otherwise, which didn’t make sense to me, so I wrote away for their marriage license. Turns out the bride was 6 months pregnant at the wedding. This explains why there are no wedding pictures or special anniversary celebrations, and I suspect that is one of the reasons that particular family was kept distant from the rest of us, although they lived in close proximity. This was in the 1930s, and attitudes were very different back then. © Kate Anderson / Quora
  • I accidentally found out that a relative of mine was a womanizer. One of his lovers had 2 children from him while being married to another man. He knows everything, but they are still together and raise these children. © Kate Anderson / Quora
  • I went to my grandparents’ home, which is in a village. I’m a light sleeper and noticed that my granddad would go somewhere every morning, but they didn’t have cattle or things like that to take care of. So I decided to follow him. He went to the river, pulled out a rod from the bushes, and sat down to fish. Later, it turned out that he would feed all the stray cats in the area with the fish he caught.
  • I was married to my daughter’s father for just a brief period of time. He had no job and didn’t support us, so we divorced. He had claimed that he was alone with no family. My daughter is 27 now. She decided to find her roots and found out that her father had a younger sister. When she called her, the woman was really surprised because she thought her elder brother was long dead. The last time she saw him was in 1973. © Elizabeth Jones / Quora
  • Once, my brother forgot to press the red button after having a phone call with me, and I found out a lot of interesting things about myself, especially from his wife. I don’t go to their house anymore.
  • I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me thanks to my cat. He lived at my place, and my cat was very old, had stomach problems, and I fed her very expensive pet food, otherwise, she’d get sick. I once noticed that she threw up when I wasn’t home. And inside her vomit, there were pieces of sausage and redfish. I decided to find out who was at fault. At first, my boyfriend tried to convince me that he had nothing to do with it because he was at work. But when I asked him directly, he lied and said that his friend paid him a visit. I called this friend right in front of him, but the guy had no idea what I was talking about. Eventually, my boyfriend confessed that he had brought his co-worker home to just have lunch together. But I understood everything as soon as I saw a cup that we never used and a wet bathroom rug. I kicked him out that very evening.
  • When I was a teen, my sister and I had a fight. She was like, “Your days are numbered! I’m going to tell Mom that you’ve been stealing my clothes.” At this point, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my mother was actually about to enter the house, and since the main door was open and the screen door’s window was down, she was within earshot, so I pretended to look afraid and replied, “Mom will never believe you!” This got my sister fired up, and she said, “Yes, she will! Because she always believes me when I cry, and I can cry on cue!” My mom entered and I had to bite my cheek so hard to keep from laughing out loud. © Victoria Baker / Quora
  • I enrolled in a university, and it was the day when my future roommates and I moved into our dorm room. Suddenly, the dorm assistant walked in and said, “Okay guys, I left my kettle here. Did you see it?” We replied, “Oh, we thought the previous residents left it to us. Here it is.” We had studied for 2 years before some guy paid us a visit. He said that he used to live in this room before us, and he knew that students were usually broke, so he left us a kettle.
  • As a young retail clothing store manager, I had recently accepted a lateral promotion to another store in another city. One day shortly after settling in, while I was working on the sales floor, I greeted and proceeded to assist a woman close to my age, she seemed pleasant and easy to chat with. After she made her selections, she asked for a discount, but before I explained that wasn’t part of the policy, she stated she was best friends with the store manager and her pal always gave her her employee discount or more off of her purchases. Since I had only been at this store a few months I assumed she meant the prior store manager, so I stated her name. She said no, she was best friends with the new manager and used my name. She knew where I lived and my name but clearly had never met me. Surely, she didn’t get any discount. © Jean Miller / Quora

  • I recently found out why my grandmother didn’t like my mother. When I was little, she would often pay us a visit, but after my younger brother’s birth, she stopped coming. It turned out that when my father was away on business, my mom found out that she was pregnant. But for some reason, my grandmother decided that my mom got this child from somebody else, even though my brother was conceived before my father left, and the date of his birth proved it. However, my grandmother believed that my mother cheated on my father till the end of her life.
  • My boyfriend and I broke up after he saw my bank account statement. Turned out he thought I was poor because I would always wear a T-shirt and jeans, didn’t have a car, and didn’t dye my hair. He was really surprised to find out that I spent more on a beautician, a personal trainer, and my hobby than his salary was. When he first met me, he thought that he wouldn’t need to spend money on me.


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