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15 Stars Who Astonish Everyone With Their Academic Background

Most of us sometimes fall victims to the misconception that those in the entertainment business have never focused on academics. However, many celebrities that we all know and adore have in fact graduated from university with bachelors in various fields and others have even gone onto getting PhDs. We put together a list of names whose minds are just as brilliant as their talent.

Natalie Portman studied psychology at Harvard University.

Rowan Atkinson has a master’s in electrical engineering.

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Adam Sandler has a bachelor’s degree in acting.

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Chris Pine graduated in English philosophy.

Meghan Markle has a bachelor’s degree in theater and international studies.

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Shaquille O’Neal is not only a famous athlete, but he also has a doctorate in education.

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Sacha Baron Cohen is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and has a history degree.

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Dwayne Johnson has a bachelor’s degree with a dual major in criminology and physiology.


Emma Watson graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in English literature.


Lisa Kudrow is best known for her role as a clueless yet funny blonde named Phoebe on Friends, but the actress has a bachelor of science degree in psychobiology in real life.

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Rebel Wilson is not only a great comedian but also has a bachelor of arts degree and a bachelor of law degree.

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Dolph Lundgren has a master’s degree in chemical engineering.

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George Clooney majored in broadcast journalism.

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John Krasinski graduated as a playwright while studying English at Brown University.

Cole Sprouse is not only an actor, but also an archeologist. He even unearthed a mask of Dionysus on a dig in Bulgaria while studying in college.


Whose academic background surprised you the most?

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