13 Real Stories With So Creepy Plot That Will Haunt People Forever

2 months ago

Every day, strange and spooky things happen to people. Some of these experiences remind us of creepy stories from when we were kids, and they stay in our minds for years. Here, people are sharing those spooky situations they’ll never forget.

  • It was 11:00 pm, and my friend and I were closing the pizza shop where we worked. When we walked out to her car, there was an old lady sitting there. My friend asked her, «Can I help you?» The old lady said, «I just need a ride home.» So we told her that we just had to go back inside and call our moms to tell them we’ll be late.
    We went back inside the store, locked the door, and called the police. Within 10 minutes, the police were there, arresting her. Turns out, «she» was actually a 47-year-old man dressed up as an old lady. They found dangerous things with him. © xtinaxtina18 / Reddit
  • I was probably 11 or 12. There was a telephone pole in our backyard that stood in the middle of our back fence. An electrician was working on it and needed access to our backyard for a couple days. One of the nights, my best friend was over for a sleepover, and we were in the fort we made in my room. I was facing toward her, away from my bedroom door, and she gets startled and let’s put kind of a halfhearted scream/yelp. She said she thought for a split second she saw a mans face peering between the sheets through the entrance to our fort. The next day or so my family realized that two of our motor scooters we kept in the back were missing, and sometime later my dad recognized the «electrician» on Sacramento’s top 10 wanted. © Anthophoba / Reddit
  • I had a stalker in college. I had to move dorm rooms and buildings four times in the middle of the night. Friends would help me get to my dorm by pretending we were going to theirs and making sure no one was around when I’d go into mine. He found two of the dorms and left notes in my room. It’s been over 11 years, and I live in a completely different state, but every once in a while, I get the feeling I’m being watched and panic. © RavenSkye86 / Reddit
  • My seventh-grade boyfriend used to walk halfway across town at 2-3 am to watch me sleep from my bedroom window. Sometimes I swear I can still see his face. © WheresMyShampoo / Reddit
  • My dad never went on vacations with us, workaholic. So every year it was my mom, my two sisters and I. One year we rented a little cabin at Lake of the Ozarks. A storm rolled in one night and in the flashes of lightning you could just make out an old lady standing out in the storm watching our little cabin. My mom got more and more freaked out as time passed and the lady just stood there, hair blowing in the wind staring at us. Mom finally got the nerve to call out to her «Go away! You don’t belong here.» But she wouldn’t budge. Next morning, the sun comes up and she’s still standing there! Only it turns out it’s a mop draped over a clothes line. © barto5 / Reddit
  • My ex-girlfriend and I were talking in our bedroom, which was connected to a bathroom. The sink was right in front of the foot of the bed. While we were talking, the faucet turned itself on one night. I’m a plumber by trade, and I know that doesn’t just happen. © InMemoryofJekPorkins / Reddit
  • While I was swimming, I randomly got grabbed by the ankle and pulled downwards. I managed to escape, and immediately thought it was my sister playing games with me. However, when I surfaced, she was nowhere to be seen, and when I called for her, she was on the other side of the pool.
    I looked around for anyone else, but there was no one within a good 10 feet, and no sign that anyone had rushed away. I had surfaced really quickly, so unless they could swim 10 feet in like 2 seconds, I wouldn’t have missed them. Still weirds me out. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Waiting at the bus stop with my classmates after school when I was 10 years old, only to have a strange man pull up in his car across the street, start honking the horn, and yell my name repeatedly. I ignored him, and eventually, he gave up and drove away. My classmates asked me if I knew who it was, but I said I had no idea, and they looked spooked. To this day, I still have no idea who it could have been. © laluneetleloup / Reddit
  • My mum used to start work at like 3AM, and she was up at about 2-2:30 having her coffee. I heard her up and went to see her. She joked that she heard something outside and me, being a bit silly, opened the blinds up wide as a joke and there was a guy just standing there staring into the lounge room. That was creepy enough as it is, but what sticks with me is the fact he didn’t run or really react to what felt like an eternity. While I ran to get my old man and brother, apparently he just stood there and then slowly walked off. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • When I was a teenager, we lived in an old mansion built in the 1850s. One night, I woke to see a woman entering my room as clear as day, dressed in the fashion of the day. I just freaked out and turned toward the wall, then decided I was going to look back, and if she was still there, I’d scream (not sure why I thought this was a solution!). She was not.
    Then my alarm went off...at 2 am. I assume it was just my half-awake mind, but in 60+ years, nothing like this ever happened again. She was actually quite pretty, and it didn’t really feel threatening; it was scary at the time, but I didn’t find myself bothered about it. © bdbr / Reddit
  • One weekend, my family and I went on a 2-hour-long trip. Before we left, my dad left one of his phones on a table next to his bed. When we got home, the phone was on the floor, one meter from the table my dad left it on. © Slightly_Default / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, I came home from school, and no one was home, which was normal. Pretty much immediately as I stepped in, the radio started loudly blasting from the speakers we had. It startled me, so I screamed and ran outside.
    After I got back in, it had stopped. How did it start and stop on its own? I still think about it to this day. © mikemikebungee / Reddit
  • My family moved to Indianapolis when I was in 2nd grade. At one point, I was watching TV, and a weather alert popped up that showed the radar and different shades of green for the amount of rain and tornado danger areas. I looked outside, and the sky was the same shade of green as the weather radar. Subsequent winds shook the house vigorously, and I was convinced a tornado was going to obliterate the house. © Unknown author / Reddit

Some life stories are so unsettling that they haunt people forever. Sometimes, families accidentally share creepy secrets that they’ve kept hidden. These revelations can be surprising and make people see their family in a different light.

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