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15 Women Who Can Create the Perfect Manicure Without Paying a Fortune for It

Prices for nail manicures can cost anywhere from $10 — $135 depending on where you choose to go. And you should include the tip that usually you have to give, which increases the price even more. This is maybe why some women choose to do their own nails and save themselves some money. And while you would expect something simple, they often manage to create something truly spectacular.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t believe that there are women out there who are so talented they could be owning their own nail salon.

“I did some Rainbow Marble on Jelly Glitter.”

  • One of the best sets I’ve seen. I’m obcessed. Can’t stop staring.

“Did these nails for a wedding I attended and they matched my dress perfectly.”

“I painted my mom’s nails today.”

Stars and snakes

“My third at-home set, plus my sweet Sicily”

“Finally took the courage to do something for me. Finally got a job and saved money for a nail tech course I’ve been wanting for over a year.”

“These are officially my seventh set without my instructor’s help. Not technically perfect at all, but I’m really happy with the result.”

“New nails, hand-painted by me!”

“Did my nails by myself.”

“Tile nail art by me.”

“These are probably my favorite I’ve ever done.”

“First time using a stamping plate. I can feel a new obsession forming.”

“Fun with nail stickers”

“My wife has just finished her nails. I think she has talent.”

“I have an upcoming Christmas party, but I have no extra money to get myself a nice set, so I got a little creative!”

“It’s my first time doing nail art, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!”

“Latest diy set!! doing my nails at home is so fun and rewarding.”

Do you do your own manicure or do you prefer having a professional do it for you?

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