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18 Photos of Kids That Are the Definition of Adorability

The decision to have kids is undoubtfully one of the most life-altering ones. Children indeed add a lot of challenges to our day-to-day lives, but at the very same time, they can be a great source of fun and enjoyment. With their unlimited fantasy, curious minds, and pure love, they can be a reason for the true happiness of their parents.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some adorable photos depicting the beautiful bond between parents and their children.

1. “I caught a picture of my niece lovingly gazing at her mama.”

2. “It warms my heart to see my shy little girl make friends.”

3. “My niece to her teddy: ’This is us!’ as she showed him a picture of a girl and her teddy.”

4. “My little man is 6, still taking this shot every year.”

5. “Peekaboo with my niece — she’s still new to this.”

6. “Baby goat and baby boy.”

7. “My daughter witnessing a light show for the first time”

8. “My baby dressed up as Woody.”

9. “Little girls.”

10. “When I finally saw my nephew (3.5-year-old) after 2 years apart!”

11. “My baby girl turns 1 today. The progression of her wee patch of hair is adorable.”

12. “The reaction of my niece meeting her big cousins for the first time”

13. “Had to share a picture of my baby boy with ears on.”

14. “Here’s my niece loving on my dog. She learned how to say his name like 4 months before she learned mine.”

15. “My nephew, the embodiment of Hakuna Matata”

16. “My wife and I just had a baby girl, our first!”

17. “My niece with her new baby sister!”

18. “Took this while out for a walk. Think she loves her mom?”

Does the joy that your kid brings into your life outweigh the challenges of raising them? We’d love to know your opinion in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Shellshock3/Reddit
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