Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Times People Wanted to Thank Their Lucky Stars For What They Saw

Social media are giant sharing platforms where many people can post anything they want within seconds. Some of the reasons to share things are to bring valuable content to others, to fulfill ourselves and to show everyone else who we are. It’s a way of defining ourselves in the world and sharing what we are most proud of.

Now I’ve Seen Everything took a deep dive into the internet and found 18 awesome pictures we are glad people wanted to share with the world.

1. “Each of my hands are different size, shape and colour.”

2. The bottom of a lily pad looks like a huge maze.

3. “The craziest looking clouds I’ve ever seen.”

4. “I 3D printed a very impractical keycap for my keyboard to not accidentally press down the RGB key”

5. Rainbow clouds on a snowy day

6. “I made this monkey out of clay and it took me like 300 hours, so it’d be super cool if you zoomed in.”

7. “Eggs from my girls.”

8. “Wonder, me, Acrylic on canvas, 2022”

9. “Left my Christmas lights up. Laziness paid off for once.”

10. “My 14-year-old daughter took a selfie, and tried some photo-realism on her tablet she got for Xmas.”

11. The aurora borealis with a bunch of snow golems just chillin’

12. Perfect little snowflakes on my sleeve

13. “Both of my eyes are split between two colors.”

14. “Glass with Opal and little black Onyx, that I made into a pendant with metal wires”

15. May the force be with you -Yoda (snow sculpture version)

16. “Noticed this after I parked.”

17. “I just did this portrait in a tiny sketchbook”

18. “I think my boiled egg has an egg in it.”

Would you or have you ever shared something you were really proud of online? Or have you seen anything that impressed you so much you wanted to share it with your friends?

Preview photo credit PM_ME_LADY_SHOULDERS / Reddit
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