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22 Cool Parents Who Are Besties With Their Kids

It takes an endless supply of energy, patience and devotion to be a parent. And although we can’t argue that all parents do their best for their little ones, some seem to be effortlessly and elegantly handling this tough role. And watching them reminds us to savor every moment from our children’s upbringing, because those early years are so precious and will be dearly missed once they grow up.

Now I’ve Seen Everything admires all moms and dads. And today we’ll share some who are excelling in their role by being the coolest parent on the planet.

1. ’’One benefit of being a little person is you can drive your daughter around in her Barbie Jeep.’’

2. “Dad, I want to shave! A little (blade-free) shaving on the second day of Christmas.”

3. “Disabled man playing with his son.”

4. “I am genuinely enjoying the weaning process so far. Messy fun!”

5. Nothing less than matching clothes to leave maternity.

6. “Just my girlfriend and son having a great time in the pool.”

7. “First big hike. She loved it.”

8. ’’I made costumes for our little ones.’’

9. “My daughter with the same Simba. He’s been in the family a LONG time.”

10. “Sebastian turns 5 today, he wanted a Blippi birthday so I decided to surprise him.”

11. “My dad reading his Father’s Day gift to my son.”

12. “Grumpy toddler became happy after I asked him to help fix the van.”

13. “I somehow taught my son that pushing foreheads against each other is a sign of affection.”

14. “Today I taught my son what to expect as a Brown’s fan.”

15. “After many discussions she finally took her walker out in public at school! She walked with her classmates.”

16. “I saw this princess getting the carriage ride of a lifetime last week at the furniture store.”

17. “I underestimated how much of a mess this would make, but it was worth it.”

18. ’’The Daddy/Daughter dance 2020 80’s themed. Yes, I’m the only dad dressed up.’’

19. “Backpacks can double as perfect kid carries (featuring my daughter Sarya).”

20. “DANGER: Dad at Play.”

21. “#3 was an accidental home birth.”

22. ’’My daughter and her stepdad on the way to the bus on her first day of kindergarten.’’

And how do you like to have a moment with your kiddo? What was the last unforgettable moment you’ve had that you would like to repeat many, many times? Please share with us in the comments below.

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