10 Psychological Tricks That Will Help Women Feel Confident and Safe in Different Life Situations

8 months ago

You might find yourself strolling down the street, placing a food delivery order for your home, or stepping into your car when, without warning, an unfamiliar individual becomes overly affable. Naturally, not all individuals harbor malicious intentions, but it is crucial to comprehend how to respond when your intuition signals a potential issue.

On occasion, it is advisable to employ deception or verify their identity to ensure your personal safety. We are providing a set of valuable guidelines for quick thinking in moments of discomfort or perceived threat.

How to get rid of an annoying admirer on the street.

In some countries expressive dating on the street is welcomed, while in others it is a sign of ill-manneredness. It is sometimes useless to explain to a sudden admirer why you do not want to meet him. So catch the trick. It is much more effective to pretend to speak another language. In this case, to continue a dialog with you will be extremely difficult.

How to order home-cooked food more safely.

When unfamiliar individuals visit your home, it becomes crucial to ensure your safety, regardless of whether they are food delivery personnel or handymen. When placing an order for takeout, consider using a male name for the order, thereby giving the impression to the delivery person that a male resides at the location or that you are not alone at the time of food delivery.

A tip in case you are traveling alone.

Many people feel vulnerable when they are alone in public places. This gives the impression that you are defenseless. Create virtual company for yourself. Whether you’re on an airplane, having dinner in a café, or riding in a cab, you can always tell the person who started the conversation that your friends will be joining you any minute.

How to answer the question of where you live.

Just because they share their personal information with you doesn’t mean that you have to. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t want to say where you live, you can say that you live near something there are many of. This could be Walmart, a hotel chain, or a gas station, as there are likely to be several in the area. You can change it to anything that works for you.

In case a stranger is interested in your car.

If someone approaches you and seems interested in your car, then they may be trying to get private information out of you. They may ask if the car is yours, meaning that they could follow you in the future with your number plate, car color, and type. You can tell them that it’s a rental or borrowed. This way, they probably won’t take the car details and leave you alone.

Don’t give personal information to strangers on transportation.

It can be a good idea not to wear your ID on public transport because there’s a lot of information on them. Someone can probably learn your name, your place of work, and the company or school you’re a part of from your ID badge alone. Take it off completely or hide it under your sweater if there’s no obvious information printed onto the ribbon.

How to scare unwanted guests away from your car.

This can be a handy trick to bring attention to yourself if you need to. For instance, if you’re passing through a dark and empty parking lot and someone is hanging around your car, you can manually set off your alarm from your car keys. This will most likely startle the person because of the attention the noise may bring.

How to ride an elevator more safely with strangers.

This means that you can easily get out of the elevator when you need to, giving you the power to leave if you feel uncomfortable. If someone you don’t want to share the elevator with enters, then you can press the button to get off at the next floor and leave. This can prevent you from getting into any uncomfortable situations when riding the elevator.

A trick for a relaxing hotel stay.

When staying in places like a hotel or dormitory, you can hang a safety alarm from the inside of your door on the handle. If you don’t have one on hand, you can use something else that will alert you, like bells or an ironing board. They will let you know if anyone is opening the door, as the alarm will ring or the ironing board will fall to the ground.

All people don’t need to know about your daily schedule.

If you encounter someone who is overly curious about your daily activities and timetable, inform them that you maintain an unpredictable schedule. For instance, if someone inquires about your work hours or workplace location, you can convey that your schedule fluctuates or that you frequently switch offices. This means that they don’t know where and when to find you.

It seems that when psychologists advise something, it is worth listening to. After all, they have been studying the secrets of the human soul for years. They know how to make a good impression when applying for a job, how to behave properly with children and the partner. In general, they make our life a little clearer. After all, no one has given us instructions on how to live happily. And we continue to learn this secret together with you.


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