“1,000-lb Sisters” Star Lost Over 400 Pounds, Astonishing Everyone With Her Remarkable Transformation

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The 1,000-lb Sisters became famous a few years ago when they appeared on the show of the same name. At that time, the young women’s weight was so great that it threatened their health. Today, both have lost weight and adopted healthy habits. However, one sister, Tammy, especially amazed everyone with her transformation.

Weight gain.

“I’ve always had issues with weight,” Tammy said. Her sister Amy confirmed: “Our whole family is big.” The women shared that improper eating habits over many years played a key role in their weight gain. Their mother had to work three jobs, so the girls cooked for themselves.

“At 10 and 11 years old, you really can’t cook healthy food and all that,” Amy said. “The microwave was our best friend,” added Tammy. “Ramen noodles, soup bowls, anything that’s quick and easy — all adding carbs.” Later, they lost their beloved grandmother, and food became a comfort for the sisters.

Tammy and her sister’s rise to fame.

Tammy, a 37-year-old resident of Dixon, Kentucky, made her first appearance on the show 1000-Lb Sisters in 2020. Before the show, she and her sister Amy were popular YouTubers, known for their engaging content and a large number of followers.

Both sisters, in their thirties, had a combined weight of over 1,000 pounds. They faced challenges with weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet, but as of 2024, they’ve made significant progress. Let’s take a look at Tammy’s inspiring journey.

Tammy’s path to a healthier lifestyle.

Initially, Tammy tipped the scales at 717 pounds (325 kg). Due to her weight, she faced many difficulties in her daily life and also suffered from various health issues.

Tammy took up the challenge and decided to change things up. She spent 14 months at Windsor Lane Center in Gibsonburg. It was also where she met her husband. Sadly, he later passed away in 2023.

A challenge well accepted and executed.

In late 2022, Tammy had a surgery. Now she weighs 285 pounds (129 kg), having shed over 400 pounds (181 kg).

Tammy is currently doing well as she recovers from her partner’s passing. She enjoys connecting with her fans from 1000-Lb Sisters on TikTok. There, she shares lip-sync videos and moments with her new pet cat. A serious health scare was a pivotal moment for Tammy, leading her to take charge of her health. Her ongoing success continues to inspire her supporters and silence her critics.

Overcoming adversity.

Over the years, Tammy faced several health issues due to her increasing weight and lifestyle choices. In a critical event in November 2021, she was hospitalized and placed on life support. Despite also needing a tracheostomy, she made a remarkable recovery.

An inspiration to many, she continues to shine.

In the last episode of the third season, which aired in January 2022, Tammy’s brother, Chris Combs, shared that she had lost 115 pounds (52 kg) while in a rehabilitation center in Ohio. Following her hospital stay, Tammy hinted at her weight loss in a TikTok video.

Back in January 2020, Tammy’s weight was around 600 pounds (272 kg). Although she managed to reduce her weight during the show, it fluctuated often. Recently, Tammy displayed her weight loss by spending time by the pool with her friend Haley Michelle. Haley posted a photo on Instagram showing Tammy in a navy-blue bathing suit, looking happy and relaxed by the poolside. Haley expressed her pride in Tammy’s achievement with a supportive hashtag.

Fans poured in comments on Tammy’s photos, praising her. Many pointed out how she looks incredible, and her journey inspired them. Some also noted how she did a more impressive job at getting healthier than her siblings.

However, some were also confused by the way Tammy posed with her friend. Many are wondering if the two are actually in a relationship.

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Tammy’s sister also lost weight.

Amy also underwent surgery and lost weight. Her main motivation was the desire to become a mother. “Now that my weight is getting under control, I went to the OB/GYN because I want to see if there’s anything that can keep me from getting pregnant. Being a mother is, like, the world to me. Like, seriously. I can’t express how much I want to be a mother. So I got bariatric surgery,” Amy said some years ago. Now Amy has two children.

Now, the sisters are maintaining their weight and have improved their eating habits. “As far as eating habits go, I eat small meals with high protein and low carbs. “Gage (my son) will eat Brussel sprouts. He’ll eat broccoli. He’ll eat cauliflower. He’ll eat all of that,” Amy said. “Oh, you (eat) proteins, low carbs, no sugars, no pop, portion control,” added Tammy.

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